Salt & Oil NZ fundraiser for Burnside rugby football club to raise money for good cause

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Hi! You've arrived here because you've been asked by a friend or family member to help support this fundraiser for the Burnside Rugby Club. Thank you for making it this far!


Burnside Rugby Football Club was established in 1957 and is an inclusive, welcoming, family-friendly club. You can read more about them by clicking on their logo above.

Speaking of family ... the timing of this Club Fundraiser couldn't be better. Hands up who knew it is Mother's Day on the 9th of May?

Here's your perfect opportunity to treat your Mum (wife/ mother figure/ someone you care about/ yourself!) to some easy, effective, stress-relieving, sleep-enhancing, muscle-soothing, relaxing Self Care.


These NZ-Made Bath Soaks/Body Scrubs are great for easing tight, tense muscles, and soothing the soul during times of stress. Did you know - NZ Rugby use our SO:Active soaks for muscle recovery when they're touring? Our Magnesium Oil Spray is perfect for easing sore muscles after a training session or hard match , and is a great addition to your family's bedtime routines.

What else will they be a great addition to? The Burnside Rugby Club coffers! Your order can help them reach our top fundraising tier of 35% cash back that goes straight into benefiting all the Club players and families.

With your help we can make the Burnside Fundraiser a great success.

Here's what to do now:

1 - Head to our Shop, and choose your items.

2 - In your cart you MUST add code BURNSIDE to be counted towards the fundraising total. You can choose to pay for shipping if you'd like your order sent immediately, OR select 'local pick up' if you're happy to wait until the end of the fortnight and get free delivery from the fundraiser co-ordinator, Vicki. Don't worry that local pick up says Whangarei, it will definitely make it down to you!

3 - We offer a prize to your "Biggest Fundraiser". If you'd like us to know the name of the individual person you're supporting (it can be you!), please add it to the notes section too so we can work out who wins the prize.

4 - If  you'd like to support the Burnside fundraiser further, please consider sharing this page with your friends and family on Facebook. Every time you tag @saltandoilnz in a comment or a photo, or leave a review, you've got an entry into our monthly draw to win a free bath soak.

Let's use the power of social media for good, to help support Burnside Rugby!

This Fundraiser ends on 23 April 2021.

Thank you so much for your support of this fundraiser, and our wee business.

Dionne x

PS - Although this fundraiser can earn up to 35% cash back, all gift sets and the Soaky Super Saver receive only 10% as they are already at reduced prices. Thank you for your understanding.

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