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I am a 19 year old that has always worked hard and am dedicated to making the most of things. 

In February of this year i injured my back very badly causing two discs to slip together towards my spinal cord. If this happens I will lose general movement in my body. Everyday, with every move I make, I am risking my life.


For this injury to be fixed I need spinal surgery. To have this without any risks I need to lose a large amount of weight in a short time. My specialist recommended a gastric bypass.


I am unable to get this surgery publicly as I do not fit the criteria.


The surgery can be done privately for $24,095.

Because I don't have a job there is no way for me to pay for this. I am unable to get a loan or other financial assistance. I'm stuck in a difficult situation and I desperately want to get back to working and start to live my life again. I have a qualification and passion for Tourism and Hotels and I want to be able to get back to doing something I love. I also have a 1 & 4 year old niece and nephew and because of my back injury I am unable to make the most of my time with them.


Being able to afford this surgery would help me live my life as much as possible. I'm 19 and only really starting to live. I will be able to start working, my mental health will be improved which I struggle a lot with, my other medical problems will be minimized or may even be eliminated.

This fundraiser with Salt & Oil is just one of the ways I'm trying to raise enough money for the surgery. Thank you SO much for your help with this.

Here's how you can help:

Every purchase you make will mean a donation of up to 32%* towards my goal. 

Salt & Oil are a New Zealand company that make small-batch bath soak and magnesium oils from natural, ethically-sourced ingredients. Their products are not only useful (magnesium is great for relieving tired, sore muscles, improving sleep and easing feelings of anxiety and stress) but are perfect for gifts. Handy if you're reading this before Christmas!

What to do now:

1 - Head to the Shop, and choose your items. Please note that all gift sets receive only 10% as they are already at reduced prices. 

2 - In your cart you MUST add code MELANIE to be counted towards the fundraising total. 

The fundraiser ends on Friday 7 January 2022.


3 - If  you'd like to support my fundraiser further, please share this page link with your friends and family on social media, by email etc. To save on delivery costs (urban delivery is free on orders over $65) you could take orders for other people and place them in one big order on this website. Keep a note of who ordered what!

Thank you so much for your support. Please fill your baskets with goodies ready for end of year thank you gifts, stocking fillers or just to treat yourself. 

* For total orders of under $1000, I receive 20% cashback. For orders over $1001 this rises to 32%. 

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