Mt Eden Primary School Fundraiser

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Welcome! You've arrived here because you've been kind enough to offer your support to our fundraiser. We'd love your help to help us reach our goal of buying a new sports canopy.

Here's how you can help:

​Salt & Oil is a New Zealand company that makes small-batch bath soaks and magnesium oils from natural, ethically-sourced ingredients. Every purchase you make gives a donation of up to 32%* towards our fundraising.

What to do now:

1 - Head to the Shop, and choose your items. All gift sets and reduced items receive only 10% as they are already at reduced prices. Thank you for your understanding.

2 - In your cart you MUST add code CANOPY to be counted towards the fundraising total. The total is calculated from products bought only; shipping costs are not included. Please note that there is free urban shipping for all orders over $65. 

3 - Our fundraiser officially starts on Friday 1st April (it's not an April Fool's joke!), and finishes on Friday 15th April.  .​

4 - If  you'd like to support our fundraiser further, please consider sharing this page with your friends and family on social media, by email etc so they can place their own order, no matter where they are in NZ. Every small order can help to make a big difference. If you like, you can collate orders from friends and family and place one larger order online (this also saves on shipping costs).

Thank you so much for your support.

* For total orders of under $1000, we get 20% cashback. For orders over $1001 this rises to 32%. 


PS - A quick bit about the products: 

Bath soaks are not just for granny! The NZ men’s rugby team use the SO:Active blend to help with muscle recovery after matches. This is a great one to support the sporty people in your life.

“I regularly order the 'So Active' bath salts for my 14-year-old who doesn't like to do warm-down stretches after football training/games. Instead he has a good soak in the bath with these salts, and they work brilliantly to help relax his muscles. I occasionally use them too when I'm feeling sore & stiff and love them - they are our go-to product for sore muscles!”

Catherine F.

If you don’t have a bath but would still like to support our fundraiser, why not try a Magnesium Oil spray? Choose from unscented or lavender, which is great for relaxing into sleep. Both oils are a great way to boost your magnesium levels. Simply spray onto your skin and rub it in. Great for easing your muscles after a workout.