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First up, a message of thanks from Naomi, then we'll explain how you can help her:

"On the 20 March next year my team and I are walking 100km to help raise money for Oxfam New Zealand.  The Oxfam Trailwalker is New Zealand’s largest team endurance event where teams of four walk (or run!) across Taranaki terrain.


I was signed up to take on this challenge this year, but alas it was cancelled due to our Covid restrictions just a few days before the event. I was very disappointed but delighted that we still raised over our target for Oxfam, thanks to generous friends and family. So here I am again, eager to raise money for this worthwhile charity and fulfill a personal goal of walking this distance.


Thank you for supporting me!"   Naomi

Oxfam needs our help to end the injustices of poverty in the Pacific and around the world, with its aim of giving a hand up, not a hand out.

Oxfam asks the Trailwalker fundraisers to commit to raising as much as they can, and acknowledges that this can't always be done with simple donations. We'd like to thank Naomi for choosing Salt & Oil to help reach her goal. And thank you for supporting her.

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Good news - your help and kindness in supporting this fundraiser will assist you too, as our 2 in 1 bath soaks & body scrubs help ease aches, and soothe the soul during times of stress. They also make great self-care gifts for friends, family or Secret Santas! Our magnesium oil spray is perfect for muscles after a workout, and a great addition to your bedtime routine if you experience racing thoughts, stress, or have trouble sleeping.

Every pouch you buy provides up to $4 to Naomi's fundraiser,

and every magnesium oil up to $7.50 at our top rate of 35%.

Please note that gift boxes earn only 10% towards the fundraiser.

The fundraiser runs until 11th December.

Here's what to do now:

  • Head to our Shop, and make your selection.

  • Please add code OXFAM so your order will count towards Naomi's total. You can choose to pay for shipping  OR select 'local pick up' if you can collect from Whangarei.

  • If  you'd like to support Naomi's fundraiser further, please consider sharing the link to this page with your friends and family via email or Facebook. Every time we're tagged with @saltandoilnz you'll be in  our monthly draw to win a free bath soak.

Thank you so much for your support of Naomi, Oxfam, and our wee business.

Charles, Dionne & Nicky

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