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Can a Bath Really Help My Child go to Sleep?

Updated: Mar 11

Getting your kids to go to sleep when you want them to. It’s a fun time of day, right?!

Reading the same book for the 9th time that week, trying to stop them using the bed as a trampoline, getting your wee darling a glass of water because they’re suddenly SO thirsty … How do children seem to have so much energy and demand so much of your attention at bedtime, just when you're mentally and physically drained and would love to climb under the duvet yourself?!

read a book to your child after a warm bath to help them have a good sleep

What you need is a way to help your children wind down, calm their overactive minds, and ease into restful sleep ...

A bath can be a soothing and calming experience for children. The warm water can help relax their muscles and calm their minds.

A regular bath is also a great part of a child's bedtime routine, signaling to their body and brain that it’s time to start winding down for the day.

nz made bath soaks for children to help them wind down after school and have a good sleep. help for autism

Adding magnesium in the form of Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) really boosts the relaxation benefits of the bath. It is known to relax muscles and reduce tension, be that physical or mental. Children with high adrenaline levels, who are always on the go, may really benefit from the calming effects of magnesium. Magnesium is also said to help lower feelings of anxiety, which can be helpful for some children at bedtime.

It’s more soothing on young skin than bubble bath or bath bombs. The magnesium and sulphate of the Epsom salt can help reduce the inflammation of dry, itchy skin.

You don’t need much Epsom salt in a child’s bath. It depends on the size of the bath but you could try ¼ of a cupful and see how your child responds.

I don’t know about yours but when my two were little they were very splashy in the bath. The floor and walls would get a good soaking. I love how kids love water! OK, I didn’t always love it at the time. The point I’m getting to is , for your child’s bath you might like to go for our Unscented Epsom salt – it’s a food grade Epsom salt with nothing else added, so it doesn’t matter if it gets splashed into little faces and mouths!

Salt & Oil natural epsom salt is great for your child's bath to help them relax and sleep well

If you'd like to try this, or any of our unscented bath or foot soak products (Natural Dead Sea Salt - used by many to soothe sore, dry skin issues, or Magnesium Chloride Flakes - can help energy production and aid digestion) we have an ongoing special for you - buy 2 or more and save 20%. No code required, your discount will appear at checkout.

Dionne x

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