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Fundraising has to continue, even though sports can't.

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Are your children able to get back to their favourite sports yet? We have one who is swimming again, though just on his own as the squad isn’t allowed to train together yet.

I know some dancers have started again – pirouetting 2 metres apart from each other.

Our boys can’t get back to football till maybe June. It will be weird to be Mum Taxi again.

But I imagine that it will all feel back to normal once they’ve got the first training session

done and dusted. Right at the coldest time of the year!

men playing soccer football NZ then soothing their muscles in a relaxing SO Active bath. You can fundraise with this natural product
Whether you call it soccer or football, you still need to raise funds for kits, equipment etc.

While there have been no games, matches, tournaments or events happening, one thing

that hasn’t stopped is the need for teams and sports clubs to raise funds so the children

can participate in the activity they love. But fundraising is a tricky beast at the moment too – popular events like fun runs, quiz nights and movie screenings simply can’t happen for a while yet.

To do our bit to help out, we have increased the number of fund-raising slots that we offer each month. So if you know a fund-raising venture that needs a bit of assistance just now, please do share this with them: Fundraising with Salt & Oil bath soaks.

You can be anywhere in New Zealand to take part in our fundraising scheme. It’s all done online so it’s contactless (though there’s nothing stopping you printing out order forms and getting the children to ask friends and family in person, as long as they’re doing it safely).

All you need to do is share the unique website link and order code that we’ll provide you with, to ensure all orders made using the code will be credited to your efforts. We'll also add your fundraising group to our website and social media pages to get the word out.

We have reduced the selling time limit from 3 to 2 weeks so we can help more groups.

If you’d like to be one of our groups, please get in touch quickly. We’d love to help as many good causes as we can, but there is a limit to how many fundraisers we can organise.

PS - we've added a poster below if you'd like to print off some info for your group or committee.

Fundraising poster June 2020
Download PDF • 6.58MB

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