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How transdermal magnesium can help business owners achieve more while feeling less stressed.

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If you’re a curious person who'd like to know a bit more about the why and how, this’ll take you 3 minutes to read:

NB – This isn’t only relevant to business owners. Transdermal magnesium can benefit anyone who faces challenges, tension or high demands in their workplace. I could give examples like nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers, teachers. But ANYONE in ANY job can feel the effects of stress. And boosting your magnesium levels, safely and speedily, can help resolve this for you. Well, it can't magic away a mean boss (though if THEY used magnesium regularly, they probably wouldn't be as grumpy!), or decrease your workload, but it can help how you respond mentally and physically to your stressors.

But back to business, as they say!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You enjoy running your business. It’s rewarding and fulfilling. But it’s sure as heck challenging. Whether you’re in charge of a large team, or it’s just you, regular issues and stresses crop up making you reactive and irritable.


  • You feel overwhelmed. A kind of physical and mental tiredness that you can't quite put your finger on. This can hinder your productivity and goal achievement. Which is no use when you’ve got to earn a living!


  • What about this classic - you lie in bed finding it hard to switch off from the day, then get stressed when you can’t sleep. So the next day you’re not your best; you’ve got that feeling of running on empty. You might reach for a quick fix like a chocolate bar. Or be hanging out for a soothing glass of wine as soon as you clock off.


  • You have to give a presentation/speech and your nerves are taking up too much of your head space.

Salt & Oil NZ bath soaks and magnesium oil sprays will help you relax and feel less stressed at home and at work


Magnesium (an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in 100s of our body’s functions, but that many of us are deficient in) is a natural and effective solution that can help you handle all of these scenarios by:

  • Calming your racing mind to help you focus on the task at hand

  • Supporting your ‘rest and digest’ hormones that help you fall asleep

  • Supporting your adrenal gland function so you deal with stress better

  • Improving your energy so you’ve got the stamina for long work days

  • Easing bodily tension so you can relax and breathe more deeply at times of stress


These might not sound like earth-shattering achievements but they all add up to some pretty powerful physical and mental support that can enhance your productivity, resilience and enjoyment of your business pursuits.


Why transdermal magnesium? Why not just pop a pill?

Instead of waiting for a pill to reach your digestive system (where, it’s believed, quite a lot of its goodness is destroyed by your stomach acid), magnesium absorbed by your skin gets to work straight away, heading straight to the cells and tissues that need it.

It’s your ideal employee!

Salt & Oil magnesium oil spray is great for stressed business owners to replenish soothing magnesium to help them relax and sleep better

Incorporating transdermal magnesium into your daily routine doesn't have to be time-consuming.

SO Mg Magnesium Oil spray takes only 20 seconds to massage into your skin. This is great to do before bedtime to help you improve your sleep. Have you heard of Atomic Habits by James Clear? This is one atomic habit you don’t want to miss out on.

Or if you’re dedicated to giving yourself more ‘down time’, in pursuit of the elusive work/life balance, treat yourself to a Salt & Oil bath. You’re actually still multi-tasking - absorbing magnesium through your skin while you relax! No bath? No problem – a foot soak gets the good stuff into you just as well.


How Salt & Oil transdermal magnesium was able to help these customers handle their busy lives:


Sam Boyd

“So lucky to receive a packet of so Active... Thoroughly enjoyed this in the bath after a very physical day at work. Reviving ... Loved the smell.”

Amanda Gurr (teacher)

“After a stressful visit to the UK, I used 2 products from Salt & Oil; the SO Relaxing bath salts did just that. I had a very restful sleep and recovered quickly from possible jetlag.”


Jane McClurg (business owner)

“I'm a naturopath and I'm very particular at what products I stock for my clients. I just love Salt & Oil's range of bath soaks and so do my clients. It really is a great help at reducing their stress levels and giving my busy mum clients back some "me time".”


Didi Skinner  (business owner)

“I love these products so much I don't just use them myself but give them to friends and family. The colourful bags make great instant rewards for business clients and they are a healthier alternative for fund raising than chocolate.

epsom salt foot soak foot bath to ease stress after work and help you sleep

Lou Draper (business owner)

This is how you’re going to get some sleep at night. Buy the magnesium spray with lavender. Spray it on the soles of your feet. Done. I’m getting the best sleep in years because of this exact thing.”






Are you ready to see how Salt & Oil transdermal magnesium can help you? Would you like to shake on a deal that gives you a special discount?!

Use code BUSINESS to get 20% off your order.


Dionne x

(Business owner who sleeps better and is way less stressed than she used to be, on account of her love of, and daily use of, transdermal magnesium)


Browse the store here to get some transdermal magnesium sent to your door:


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