The perfect gift to let a friend know you're thinking of them. Or treat yourself to this mood-enhancing chill out session.


No need to worry about doing your hair or shaving your legs. Stay home, put on your favourite tunes, pour a glass of wine, and lie back and relax.


The SO:Uplifting bath soak is our blend that is great for keeping hormones in check. It can induce feelings of calmness and clarity, help relieve PMS, fight anxiety and boost self-esteem.


Glowing, clear skin is also good for self-esteem, right? We've added a jar of pure bentonite clay. Enough to make 3 face masks that will get to work detoxing your skin while you chill in the bath. Just add a little water to make a paste.


What's a relaxing bath without a scented candle? You can choose from two gorgeous scents - Sandalwood & Vanilla or White Sage & Lavender. Both are NZ-made, natural soy, in recyclabe tins, with a burn time of 10 - 12 hours.


The final addition to your evening of Self Care? A mini bar of chocolate.


Cost of individual items is $28.95.


Our special gift set price is only $26.50.

Chilled Night In

  • Your friend who's had enough of men and needs a wee pick me up!

    Your teenaged daughter who likes to experiment with beauty products.

    Anyone who could do with a little pampering right now.

    Someone who likes natural products but doesn't often treat herself to something nice just for her.

    You! Why not?!

  • Shelley W - I was lucky enough to receive some Uplifting and Relaxing Salts. OMG. They are amazing! Such a wonderful addition to a hot bath at the end of a long day.

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