active recovery bath soak gift with magnesium oil spray, massage ball and chocolate hearts for Valentines Day

Recover Like A Romantic Athlete Gift Set!

$34.50 Regular Price
$27.60Sale Price

The person you love is going to love this gift for their sore muscles!


SO:Active is our original recovery bath soak that was designed for the New Zealand mens rugby team. Add half the pouch to a warm bath and feel your tension evaporate. You can also use it as a foot soak - you'll still absorb enough magnesium through your skin for your muscles to benefit.

It contains Natural Epsom Salt and Organic Sodium Bicarb to ease muscles and neutralise lactic acid, plus a blend of 5 essential oils that your muscles will love after a workout.


Magnesium oil is a fast, easy way to safely top up your magnesium levels. Active people get through a lot of their magnesium supply during their workout, match or big event. Top athletes enjoy magnesium oil massages. But do note - the magnesium oil 'tingle' is a thing, so be careful where you massage it!


We added a spiky ball again because they're just so good at digging into those gnarly knots and trigger points.


And 2 chocolate hearts. It is Valentine's Day after all! And chocolate contains good levels of magnesium which we've established is good for muscle recovery ...


Cost of individual items is at least $36.


Valentine's Day Special - $34.50.


    Is your partner a CrossFit fanatic or a regular gym-goer?

    What about a weekend warrior whose head is still in the game but whose body is starting to suffer?!

    Lots of people made New Year's resolutions to train for an event like a half marathon or triathlon. I bet their muscles need some TLC now!

    Tennis players, golfers, swimmers, joggers, even heavy duty gardeners would all be chuffed at the relief this good fix of magnesium brings.

    Remember - they don't need a bath to benefit - soothing foot soaks or body scrubs in the shower will still get the good stuff into them.


    Liane B - I bought 5 of these packs recently and I love treating myself and my muscles to a soak in these relaxing salts.. Great after gardening or exercise or just for some me time......

    Didi S - I use my Active in the gym shower after a hard session to soothe the muscles and replenish magnesium and the Relax before bed in the bath. Gotta have both!

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