I bet your Mum could do with a bit of pampering and some time to simply lie back and relax.


Is that you offering to make the dinner AND do the dishes while she soaks in the bath?! We can't help you with meal prep or soaking off burnt offerings, but we can help make Mum's soak in the bath really awesome with ...


One pouch of SO:Uplifting 2 in 1 bath soak & shower scrub - it contains a blend of Bergamot and Clary Sage that can induce feelings of calmness and clarity, ease anxiety and boost self-esteem.


One pouch of SO:Relaxing 2 in 1 bath soak & shower scrub - calming and soothing for mind and body.


A NZ-made hand-poured natural soy candle from Skye Candle and Body Care, in a choice of two divine scents: Victorian Rose or French Vanilla.


Two chocolate  hearts.


Total value of products is $41.95.


Our special gift set price is only $39.50.


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PS - This gift set isn't just for Mums!

Relax Mum, You've Earned It

$39.50 Regular Price
$36.50Sale Price
Candle Scent
  • Your Mum of course!

    Someone who needs a bit of TLC and a reminder that they are worth it.

    A colleague who's feeling a bit under the weather or fed up. We've all been there!

    Someone, it doesn't have to be a Mum, who needs to be reminded that they're appreciated.

  • Shelley W - I was lucky enough to receive some Uplifting and Relaxing Salts. OMG. They are amazing! Such a wonderful addition to a hot bath at the end of a long day.

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