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Silly Season Survival Set

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Chocolate Bar

Magnesium is such a Super Stress Soother, and this gift set is 'choc' full of it!


A pouch of Salt & Oil SO:Relaxing bath soak & body scrub (also fabulous as a foot soak after a night out in high heels!).

A bottle of SO:Mg magnesium oil spray. Take 10 seconds at the end of each day to top up the magnesium that was depleted by stress, festive food and drink, and too many recovery coffees!

A bar of scrumptious handmade chocolate from Bennetts of Mangawhai. Choose from Milk Chocolate or Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate (dairy free & vegan).


Cost of individual items is $38.


Christmas Special of $34.50.


Please note for fundraisers, gift sets earn 10% only.


    A chocolate lover - did you know if you crave chocolate it's a sign your body needs a magnesium top up?

    Someone who is always on the go and needs to be encouraged to take a bit of time to themselves.

    The teacher who's given so much this year.

    A shift worker who needs some magnesium to help support healthy sleep patterns.

    Your Secret Santa pick!


    Tam W  - I have been using the "So Relaxing" salts for myself and kids and it's AMAZING! So restorative and smells beautiful. It's great for my kids when they have a nice hot bath before bed - really helps them settle.

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