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"You are somebody's reason to smile!"

Are you feeling a bit lack-lustre or ho-hum? SO:Uplifting is for you.

For your mood enhancing bath, shower or foot soak we’ve chosen clary sage and bergamot essential oils.

Here’s why:

Clary sage – opens your mind to new ideas and possibilities! It can induce feelings of calmness and clarity, help relieve PMS, fight anxiety and boost self-esteem!

Bergamot - is the oil of self-acceptance that encourages optimism and confidence. It is also a relaxing and soothing oil, which is great for skin.


Turns out Granny did know best! Bath salts (the relaxing ones, not the make-you-crazy kind) are popular again in this era of self-care and switching off from the rat race. Good news if you don’t have a bath (don’t like baths or are on water restrictions) our bath salts are great to use as body scrubs in the shower, and as soothing foot soaks too.


Even though this bath soak aims to perk up your mood, you can still use it in the evening for pre-bedtime relaxation. Great beauty sleep is bound to cheer you up!


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SO Uplifting, 475g bottle

  • In the bath - We recommend using a third of the bottle per bath, but feel free to use more or less according to your needs. Pour your bath salts into running water, just before you hop in, to help it dissolve faster. Use very warm but not hot water. Aim to soak for at least 15 minutes (top up the hot if you need to!). Relax. Or read an inspirational book for an even more Uplifting experience!

    In the shower – Tip a little of the Epsom salt mix into your wet palm. Rub gently into your skin in a circular motion before rinsing off.

    As a foot soak – Add a handful of the salts to a tub of warm water. Soak your feet for 15 minutes. Great as part of a home pedicure treatment. You can also grab a handful to use as an exfoliating foot scrub before you soothe your feet in the warm water. Remember to keep a towel close by for when you’re finished.


    Our products are NZ-made, from pure, non-GMO ingredients, and are not tested on animals. They contain no added colours, fillers or flow agents.


    Ingredients - Natural Epsom Salt, Pure Himalayan Pink Salt, essential oils: Clary Sage* and Bergamot.


    Natural Epsom salt is full of magnesium that our bodies need to help our minds be calm and our bodies relax, and to support healthy sleep. The more stressed out we are, the more magnesium we need!


    Himalayan pink salt contains 84 minerals and nutrients that nourish and replenish us.


    * As this product contains Clary Sage, please don't use if pregnant.

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