Without teachers, life would have no class!


Show your child's teacher some gratitude after this fairly stink year with a gift that is

1- Tasty

2 - Beautifully scented

3 - Useful

4 - Full of magnesium which is known to do wonderful things like

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • support good sleep
  • soothe tight, tense muscles and associated issues like headaches and cramps.

5 - Priced cheaper than its component parts so there is less stress for you too!


For your teacher's gift you get:

  • Your choice of Salt & Oil bath soak pouch, worth $12.50
  • A milk chocolate bar from Bennetts of Mangawhai, worth $5


Yes, we know you may be tempted to use this gift yourself. Be strong! Or treat yourself to one  - after all, there was lots of home-schooling this year, so you deserve it too!


Cost of individual items - $17.50.

Your special gift set price - only $15, while stocks last.

Teacher Thank You Gift (Chocolate)

Bath Soak
    • Any teacher who's managed to make it to the end of the year!
    • The classroom teacher aide - unsung heroes of the school.
    • All home schooling parents who also deserve a shout out and some time out (that's YOU!).
    • Someone you have to buy a Secret Santa for. Way more useful than a 'fun' plastic game that you can use on your toilet, or that same bottle of cocktail mix that gets regifted every year!
    • Also makes a great stocking filler for teens and big kids alike!