WELCOME! Thank you for making it to this Runway fundraiser for the ADDventurers Initiative.

If you're ready to make your purchase and help children struggling with their ADHD journey, please use code ADD at checkout.

If you'd like to know more about the initiative and what they're fundraising for, please read this first:

The ADDventurers Initiative was founded in 2016, under The Runway Foundation, to support families and schools with the challenges of ADHD. This not-for-profit provides specialised clubs for children with ADHD, to support them with their development and social skills.


Later the students enter the ADDventurers Youth Coach Programme where they are given individual and group mentoring support during their time at secondary school.

The motto of ADDventurers is: ‘Belonging, Opportunity, Success’, and their mission is to provide a place where students with ADHD can be understood and celebrated. It also provides support groups for the parents, where they can share advice, knowledge, experience, friendship and fun, with others who understand and care.



The annual cost of supporting these students includes the provision of a Youth Coach, Teacher, Counsellor and the foundational activity expenses of the programme.

Currently they are supporting 17 Kids Club Students and 24 Youth programme students.

So your support with this Fundraiser is VERY much appreciated. Up to 35% of your purchase total will go towards their goal.*

Here's what to do now:

1 - Head to our Shop, and choose your items.

2 - In your cart you MUST add code ADD to be counted towards the fundraising total. You can choose to pay for shipping if you'd like your order sent immediately, OR select 'local pick up' (don't worry that it says Whangarei!) if you're happy to wait until the end of the fortnight (13th June) and get free delivery from the fundraiser co-ordinator, Mellissa.

3 - We offer a prize to the "Biggest Fundraiser". If you'd like us to know the name of the individual fundraiser you're supporting (it can be you!), please add it to the notes section too.

4 - If  you'd like to support the ADDventurers fundraiser further, please consider sharing this page with your friends and family on Facebook. Every time you tag @saltandoilnz you've got an entry into our monthly draw to win a free bath soak.

Let's use the power of social media for good, to help support these children and their families.

Thank you so much for your support.

Dionne x

* For total orders of under $1000, we gift 20% cashback to this fundraiser. For orders over $1001 this rises to 35%. All gift sets receive only 10% as they are already at reduced prices. Thank you for your understanding.