Would $1400 come in handy for your group? What would you spend it on? That's how much our first fundraisers (an intermediate class saving for a school trip) earned. Our relaxing 2 in 1 bath and foot soaks/body scrubs are a quick, easy way to raise funds for your school, club, sports team etc, to spend on whatever you need. Here's how:

  • It’s all online – no forms to lose in the bottom of schoolbags; just a simple code that you and the kids can share on social media or by email (though we can supply you with forms too!)

  • No upfront costs and no product to return.

  • Low minimum order of 50 items preferred though we are flexible if you are a small group.

  • Free delivery for group fundraising orders (excess courier costs for rural address).

  • Up to 35% profit for your club/school/sports team/dance group/church/good cause etc.


Why our products are great for fundraising:

  • Relaxing bath and foot soaks make great gifts.

  • Bath soaks are inexpensive and suitable for everyone.

  • All products are natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

  • More beneficial than chocolate!

  • Simple, affordable self-care is important for us all just now. Treat yourself too.

  • It’s great for sports clubs and teams to focus on the SO: Active sports recovery blend, though any of our blends will help to ease muscles and relax mind and body.     


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Congratulations to our most recent fundraisers:

PINC & STEEL who raised $519.05.

Soaking it up for Hollie who raised $808.40.

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