We are stocked by a variety of independent NZ businesses, such as gyms, CrossFit boxes, physios, massage and beauty therapists, Pilates and yoga studios, gift shops, gift box companies and pharmacies.

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These muscle and mind soothing products are proving to be great impulse buys with a variety of target markets such as:

  • Competitive athletes who want to recover faster and train harder.

  • Parents (mums mainly) of sporty kids who need to rest their muscles but don't like to do boring stretching.

  • The stressed out parents themselves! Looking for effective, accessible self-care that doesn't eat into their precious time.

  • People looking to buy gifts that are NZ-Made, practical and a little bit fun.

Bits and Bobs

  • We currently have no MoQ, to help keep things accessible for other NZ-owned businesses. 

  • We can tailor a package to suit your retail needs.

  • Easy email ordering.

  • Usually dealt with the same working day.

To find out more please complete the form and we'll be in touch.

magnesium oil spray bottle perfect for in your gym bag for muscle support before and after your workout
Uplifting bath salts and body scrub to improve your mood, reduce anxiety and help your body feel good
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