For the month of August, spend over $50 and we will send you a free pouch of one of our new Unscented range of bath soaks!

Great for people with sensitive skin or who simply prefer a less aromatic bath.

Please tell us in a notes if you'd like:

Natural Epsom Salt - The only Food Grade Epsom salt available in the world.

Dead Sea Salt - Great for soothing dry skin.

Magnesium Flakes - The most relaxing way to top up your stress-busting, muscle-soothing magnesium.

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Use code CANDLE to get $5 off your first candle order. Normally $14.50. I have to confess, I've no idea if the code lets you get only one at this price or you can benefit from a bargain stock up!

Thank you to Pene from Lys Creations for supplying us with these cute candles. Her goal is to create candles that bring light, love, peace, and happiness into your life.


Free urban delivery on all orders over $65.