You've got two specials to choose from this month. Or treat yourself to both!

1 - For some extra sleep support, every Tranquil & Thankful Sleep Set comes with a free pouch of natural Epsom salt worth $9.50.

2 - Natural Magnesium Flake baths soaks are reduced from $14.50 to only $9.50 (due to Dionne making too much of the wrong product, oops).

And we're still offering Free Urban Shipping for orders over $70. Shipping can add quite a lot to your order so our top money-saving tip is - stock up in one order, or see if a friend would like to place their order with you.

PLUS - Winter stock candles are now reduced to clear - Ocean, Havana Nights and Exotic Woods are only $11.50 while stocks last.

The first 10 orders from our new Spring candle selection will receive a free tealight sample candle.