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We love collaborating with and supporting other small New Zealand businesses. We thought we'd share some of our favourites with you. Some of them have also kindly shared offers for you. Check out their websites! Follow their socials! Together we can be a part of keeping New Zealand small businesses flourishing, no matter what the offshore corporations think they can do to our country!

Mud Mates NZ company.jpg

The Mud Mates range of NZ-made products are designed to make your life easier - saving you washing, time and money.

Mud Mates specialise in kids waterproof and water-resistant clothing to keep children clean, dry and warm (and save you washing). Ideal for babies, toddlers and young children on their messy play and outdoor adventures.

Mud Mates also create personalised Swim Bags and Wet Bags, Fitted Tablecloths and Picnic Covers and sell magic potions, kids swim gear, mud kitchens and sandpits. Created, owned and operated by Alana, a Hawkes Bay mum of 2, passionate about getting kids outside, whatever the weather!

Use code MMSALTANDOIL for 10% storewide (excluding Outdoor Play Equipment and Value Packs).

Compassion Poetry is a safe and soft place to explore life, love and work with bipolar. I write essays and poetry, appear as a podcast guest, deliver workshops and presentations, share my thoughts with subscribers on Substack and sell heartfelt sympathy cards.

I started Compassion Poetry to articulate the pain, hope and healing of life’s challenges on the page. My hope in sharing my self-compassion with you is that you can show more compassion towards yourself and, in turn, show more compassion to the world.

katie rickson nz business.jpg

I'm thrilled to give Salt & Oil customers a 10% discount on my sympathy cards with code: saltandoil

JaneMcClurg naturopath nz.jpg

I'm Jane, a naturopath and medical herbalist with Blend Wellness. I help busy women go from bloated and burnt-out to bloat-free and energised, even if they’ve been struggling to put themselves first. I do this through 1 on 1 online consultations, group coaching, e-courses, and e-books. I have a particular interest in gut health, fatigue, thyroid issues and burnout. Imagine solving your thyroid problems & having more energy! Imagine solving your IBS & banishing your bloat! plus…lifting your mood & getting the best night sleep ever! Book a FREE discovery call today.

Grab any of my e-books or my 14 Day Body Reset Cleanse e-course with the coupon SALTOIL23 and save 20%.

My name is Kylie, I am an IVF mum of two young boys and am the owner of Thomas Online - a toy shop with all your kids' favourite characters and brands.

My 7 year old is also named Thomas! He was named wayyy (okay a year before) before Thomas the Business came along, but it’s pretty cool the way it all worked out.

We moved from the big smoke to the winterless north when Tommy was a baby, and it was the best decision we ever made! I get to stay at home with our boys, while also owning this exciting business to keep my brain in the working world.

wick nixon_edited.jpg

Hey there, I’m Wick Nixon from Wicked Wellbeing and I’m all about empowering healthy living.

My goal is to motivate, support and guide you in your quest for nutritious and delicious meals, a balanced lifestyle, where you make your own health a priority, with less stress and way more appreciation.

Are you up for it?

I do this either through 1-1 life changing health and wellbeing coaching, weekend wellness retreats or my online health and wellbeing membership. I simply believe that however you choose to eat and what lifestyle you follow, it needs to sustainable and achievable for the long term, which works for you and your family and that’s what I’ll help you achieve.

Join me to discover how to make nutritious eating easy, to avoid the need for packaged foods and Uber Eats because you’ve rediscovered your love for delicious food again! To find out more, head to

Hi! I’m Suzie Horne and I want to help you feel more elegant by wearing distinctive, yet affordable environmentally friendly jewellery, handmade for everyday wear or special occasions. I don’t ‘just make jewellery’ - I love to create memories and treasures for you to keep: a measure of love in material form from Curlicue.

My background is in Environmental Planning and Ecology, but after becoming a Mum in 2008 and having some health issues, I couldn’t go back to a ‘regular office job’. 

suzie curlicue_edited.jpg

All my items are hand crafted to order from recycled Sterling Silver wires, sometimes wrapped around Swarovski Crystals, semi-precious stones, paua shells and freshwater pearls. 


Challenge today's fast fashion and opt for environmentally friendly alternatives.

For the extra feel-good factor - 10% of my profit goes to supporting Forest & Bird's conservation efforts throughout NZ.            Facebook          Instagram       Pinterest           Felt        Etsy 


Get 10% off your next order through my website (minimum spend of $60) with the code: SALT&OIL



Nicky from AwesoME Inc started creating mental health resources with her own family in mind. She wants her kids (and others) to grow up having life skills that will help them through life’s inevitable storms. She has a drive to do something positive to combat the World’s appalling mental health statistics, by bringing the power of positive psychology into simple, everyday practices anyone can learn before they reach crisis point.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, AwesoMe Inc brings together all the threads of founder Nicky Perry’s experience - her psychology studies, a 27+ year career in graphic design, a background in scientific publishing and personal experience as a support person for loved ones in times of mental distress.

Find her awesome journals at and grab yourself 15% off everything except bundled kits with code saltandoil15.

Hey there, I’m Corinne Austin - aka the Happy Body Coach. 


I’ve been in the Health & Fitness industry for 20yrs, and after initially qualifying as a Personal Trainer, I soon realised there were sooo many other aspects to helping clients be healthy and happy.  So the geeky detective side of me has delved into many other pathways including Myofascial Theory & Release, Lymphatic Stimulation, Visceral Mobilisation & Bodywork, and Functional Medicine to help me understand a more comprehensive approach to a healthy and happy human existence.  I now wear multiple hats in the work that I do, and work both in person and online with clients to help them achieve the new level of happy they are seeking.


From Autoimmune Disease, to chronic pain, from menstrual irregularities to recurring infections, from bowel issues to chronic fatigue – and everything in between – I work with clients to help them understand their body, their symptomatic presentation and its root causes, and then we plot a plan to help them reverse engineer the pathways that have lead them to their current existence, so that together we can find a whole new experience of a healthy and happy body.


I’d love to work with you!  Many clients call it ‘magic’, and I’d love to work my own form of magic with you xx           

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