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dionne and charles run Salt & Oil in Whangarei, Northland, where they handmake natural wellbeing gifts

It started with a broken foot. Followed by a float pod. And ended up with our lovely natural bath soaks and pure magnesium oils that you've just stumbled upon. But don't actually stumble - we don't want more broken bones!


Charles couldn’t work. He needed his foot to heal quickly. While researching what could help, he was reminded of  the benefits of floatation therapy with Epsom salt. Tried it. Loved it. Thought – that could be a good thing to bring to Whangarei.




One problem we had to solve before we could open our float centre was – where to get a tonne (literally 1000kg) of NATURAL Epsom salt from?


We finally found some and bought enough to be able to supply other NZ float centres with top quality natural salt too. 


Enter the New Zealand Rugby men’s team. Their strength and conditioning coach had heard of us and asked if we could make some one-bath-sized pouches, blended with essential oils, for his players to use for their muscle recovery baths when touring.




We already knew the benefits of relaxing in a warm magnesium-filled bath with essential oils. Our children often asked for an Epsom salt bath with Wintergreen after training. And we adults (though much less sporty!) enjoyed soaking away our stresses and easing our tight, tense muscles. Plus we got such great sleeps after an Epsom salt bath. Doing life is just so much easier when you've had a good sleep and your body doesn't ache!

We didn't think it was fair to keep this to ourselves. We knew we had to make these affordable life hacks available to everyone in New Zealand.


We sold the float pod and got creating.

We toyed with the idea of fancy bath salts with flower petals and glitter but we prefer an easy life with less cleaning, so – just Salt & Oil. No unnecessary expensive extras. Much more relaxing!

And can you imagine those burly rugby players on the world stage with twinkly bits of glitter stuck to their skin?!

soothing relaxing natural Epsom salt bath soaks NZ made by Salt & Oil

If you want some of these benefits for yourself, you've come to the right place! We  recommend  signing up to the Weekly Soak before you buy, so you can use your Welcome discount code! Plus find out a bit more about what topical magnesium can do for you. Our vision is happy, relaxed, rested households up and down New Zealand. We hope you'll be one of them!



PS - We are dedicated to improving New Zealanders' personal and community well-being. We want each product to impact not just the person using it, but their community as well. That's why we support good causes with a donation from every item you buy, and provide an easy, online  fundraising initiative using our natural products.

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