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sports teams love to fundraise with SO Active bath soak from Salt and oil NZ

Sonya C, fundraising customer - Everyone was so impressed with their order when I delivered today, they wanted to re-order!!!!

Sharon G, f-r co-ordinator - I think it is a wonderful fundraising opportunity with an extremely good return.  I had a lot of people ordering who commented on the fact it was nice that it wasn’t a chocolate fundraiser!

Kiran, fundraising recipient -

Thank you so so much S&O ... that's a lovely donation and I'm very grateful for all the efforts everybody have made. I'm also pleased to be introduced to such a lovely product! Keep up the great work.

Andy M - wow, this stuff really works! I was very sore after a physio session yesterday, right through to this morning. I chucked half a bag of Salt & Oil into the bath, had a relax and now the muscle pain is all gone - worked better than I expected, smells nice too.

Jane McClurg - I'm a naturopath and I'm very particular at what products I stock for my clients. I just love Salt & Oils range of bath soaks and so do my clients. It really is a great help at reducing stress their levels and giving my busy mum clients back some "me time".

Morag M - Absolutely love your products. Luxurious bath salts are my favourite, just love the scent.

Karina F - Absolutely lovely products, my kids really enjoy having a bath with the SO Soothing bath salts after long days of sports training.

luxury bath soak warm soothing bath

Karen W - Great service and an awesome product! I have the best sleeps after a footbath of relaxing Salt and Oil. I can't wait to try another variety, highly recommended.

Alyson K - Fantastic products! Nothing better than having a soak in the tub with these bath salts, super relaxing and rejuvenating, highly recommend to anyone wanting a great NZ made product.

magnesium oil spray for sore muscles

Tammy D - I’ve always struggled with sleep! Getting to sleep seems ok but can never get back to sleep if woken. I treated myself to the relaxing salts and magnesium spray!! A life changer! Love both of these products and will definitely be coming back for more.

Aisha M - Our magnesium oil eases our aches and haven’t had leg cramps since using this product.

Kristen C - Love this product the SO mg spray gives me a solid sleep every night. Thank you so much!!!!

Selous R - We love the SO Mg oil. A quick spray on our bumps or bruises seems to speed up healing. My mum keeps a bottle next to her bed to spray on her sore neck and shoulders at night after working at her computer all day. She swears by it. We all spray it on the soles of our feet before bed to help us sleep.

Shelley W - I was lucky enough to receive some Uplifting and Relaxing Salts. OMG. They are amazing! Such a wonderful addition to a hot bath at the end of a long day.

Robyn M -  We love the whole range ... they will definitely be included in our gift buying/giving. They are so relaxing and make our skin feel lovely.

chocolate gift set with bath soaks


Propertyscouts Whangarei - We love these products as fundraisers and gifts to our tenants and owners. Great service. Great value.

Tina L - I arranged a gift for a friends birthday. Communication was great. They were friendly and helpful, even writing a birthday note for me. My friend loved her present, plus it didn't take long to arrive at all. Love this local business who also donates some of its proceeds each month to a chosen charity. Will definitely purchase again.

Bubbles n Button - Fabulous products! My new favourite bath soaks - I've started stocking up to give as gifts to friends and family.

PS - If you write a review for us, you'll be added to our monthly draw to win 1000 SO:Rewarding points.

The best places to leave a review are our Google page , our home page or on the product listing itself. The more products you review, the more chances to have to win! Thank You and Good Luck!

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