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Did you notice the little 'SO Rewarding' icon at the bottom of every page?

It's our way of saying Thank You for shopping with us - you earn points with every purchase.

Not only that, you can earn points for following us and sharing on social media, and bonus points for celebrating the day you were born!


When you shop - 5 points for every $ spent

Like us on Facebook - 100 points

Share us on Facebook - 50 points

Follow us on Instagram - 100 points

On your birthday - 250 points


Every 200 points gives you $2 to spend up

to a total of $40 per order.

How to access your SO Rewarding account

We use Smile for our reward scheme. They have recently updated their processes so you shouldn't need to log in to access your points. Head to the little gift icon at the bottom of the page.

Here you’ll see your current points total. Clicking the clock icon will show your points history.

The Redeem button is how you spend your points. You can redeem up to 4000 points ($40) per order.

Once you’ve selected the total you'd like to redeem, you’ll see a discount code. Copy this to enter into the ‘promo code’ section in your cart.

If you have any issues, please get in touch.

To thank you for recommendations

If you're a fan and like to tell people about us, let's reward you for that too!

Share Salt & Oil (the website, not the actual products. Though you can do that if you're generous!) with your friends and family. Encourage them to add your name in the notes section of their order. For every first time buyer, we'll add 1000 points to your SO:Rewarding total. This can add up quickly to lots of lovely free relax-y treats for you! Top friend tip - advise them to join the Weekly Soak before they order, so they can take advantage of their Welcome discount code and special offer.

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