Is magnesium oil actually made of oil?

No, it’s not really an oil, and it doesn’t contain oil. It’s simply pure, food grade magnesium chloride flakes that have been turned into a liquid brine with distilled water. It will absorb into your skin and not feel oily.

Is magnesium oil a massage oil?

Magnesium oil is not a massage oil as such, though you can certainly use it for a massage, combined with your normal massage oil.

What is the magnesium oil tingle?

Some people experience a tingle or even an itch the first few times they apply magnesium oil to their skin. There are a few theories as to why this is.

  • Some people suggest that you’ll feel the tingle if your body is low in magnesium. This explains why you no longer feel the sensation when you use your oil every day.

  • It could be that, because magnesium is a vasodilator, it opens up the little blood vessels near the surface of your skin, and the sensation you feel is the blood rushing there.

  • Dermatologists think it may be because the pH of magnesium oil is different to that of our skin.

  • For people with sensitive skin, it could be that a slight salt residue triggers itchiness (magnesium chloride is a brine, like salt water).


Whatever the cause, anecdotally, most people who experience it find the sensation disappears after using magnesium oil a few times.

If you’re not one of the ‘most’, there are some things you can do to combat the tingle so you can still get your magnesium top-up:

  • Apply your mag oil but rinse it off with a warm flannel after 15 minutes.

  • Or apply it in the morning then shower off after 15 minutes.

  • Dilute your mag oil with pure or distilled water.

  • Apply a moisturising cream at the same time.

Where is it best to apply magnesium oil?

You can use it all over your body but please avoid sensitive areas, broken skin and your eyes.  Don’t apply to your legs after shaving (learned the hard way)!

People comment on the relief they feel when they apply magnesium oil directly to areas that are niggling them, like knees and ankles. If you sustain a sports injury, see if you can get some mag oil on the area even before you apply the ice.

A good place to rub in your mag oil is your feet as they seem to absorb it well, and seem less likely to experience the tingling.

Don’t apply your mag oil to areas that will be exposed to the sun as this can cause a sensitivity reaction.

What is the best time of day to use magnesium oil?

This sounds counter-intuitive, but you can apply your magnesium oil in the morning, after your shower is good, to energise you for the day. And you can apply it at night to help you relax before sleeping. We recommend applying it to your feet just before bedtime to help you relax into sleep.

How much magnesium oil should I use?

About 4-6 sprays works well. For example, spray 6 sprays into your cupped hands then massage into both your feet. 

Can children use magnesium oil?

Yes, it’s fine for children to use our magnesium oil spray. A good idea is to start by using less and see how they respond.

Can I use magnesium oil while pregnant or breast-feeding?

Yes, it's safe to use magnesium oil while pregnant and breast-feeding. These are times when your body may well need more magnesium. Again, if you haven't used magnesium oil on your skin before, it's a good idea to start with a small amount and build up.

NB – People with kidney failure or other kidney disorders should not use magnesium oil as it is a salt product. If you have any concerns it is advisable to consult with a professional health care provider for your personal health needs.