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Help! Where's my Mojo?

Today Northland graduated to the rank of Level 3 lockdown. I think I had too high an expectation of what this would mean. Today I'm in a total funk.

I thought I'd sit with that feeling for a bit. Just let it be. Allow myself to feel fed up and grumpy and down in the dumps. But I don't like it!

I'd normally take myself out for a walk but my leg is still a bit niggly after falling down a hole while walking a couple of days ago in a bizarre dog poo related incident. Plus it keeps raining, ugh.

I know that a regular habit of writing down things that you're grateful for helps you to feel more positive (you can read about the science of gratitude here at Awesome Inc). But that's part of my bedtime routine so I'm not really inclined to do that in the middle of the day.

However, I thought maybe if I started writing something it'd help me come up with ideas to cheer myself up! I can't change what's happening in the world. But I can try to change how I respond to it. And writing it on here, as a blog, seemed somehow more useful than just some scribbled notes on a piece of paper. Self indulgent? Maybe. But maybe I'll come up with something that might help you too, if you're also feeling a bit bleugh.

So here goes:

1. Next time there is a break in the rain I'm going to go outside, blast some loud 80s music and do 5 minutes of power hooping. Just 5 minutes. That's not hard to commit to. That's just one song. Though I can't hoop in only one direction or I'll get lop-sided. So maybe I'll have to jiggle around to a second song. Movement. Fresh air. AND 80s music. That has to be a good combo.

Soothing and uplifting bath soak to help soothe muscles after exercise like dancing or power hooping.
There is no picture of me hooping. You don't need to see that, trust me!

2. But for now I'm at my desk. And looking at my messy desk is really bringing my mood down too. So I'm going to tidy one section of it. Just one small area. Maybe about a foot squared. That's a start. That doesn't feel too demanding. I'm definitely not starting with the part that contains the 6 inch pile of paperwork though!

3. Now I've looked over to the corner of my office and seen a plant looking a bit worse for wear. That is something totally positive I can do, and nurturing! See if I can rescue the plants that, yet again, I have forgotten to water for a couple of weeks now. Those of you who know me will be nodding your head I'm sure.

4. Water! I need to water myself, not just the plants. That could also explain why I'm feeling a bit yuk. Most 'normal' days I'm out and about in the car quite a lot - taking kids to school and sport, delivering orders, going to meetings (or coffee with friends, which I call meetings if I've missed a work phone call, ie - 'I'm sorry I missed your call, I was in a meeting' sounds better than 'I was enjoying a mocha at the cafe'). Anyway, back to my point - I usually drink and drive. As in, I sip my way through about a litre of water during the day when I'm in the car. It's probably my biggest intake of water throughout the day. And I'm not getting that right now because I'm not driving anywhere.


  • Finish writing this.

  • Drink water.

  • Water the plants.

  • Hoop/have a dance in the fresh air.

  • Tidy one small area of my desk.

Excellent! This writing stuff down thing seems to work. I've got a plan. A small plan, but a plan nonetheless. And a smile on my face, because it's an easy plan that I can get up and do right now.

If you've read this to the end then THANK YOU! You've helped me get out of my rubbish mood!


Do you have any quick tips and tricks for cheering yourself up that you can share with us? It was actually 'chatting' with one of our Instagram followers earlier today that brought the dancing to mind. So sharing your ideas with others is most definitely a cool thing to do.

I think you can comment on this post. Or head to our Facebook or Instagram page and just chuck us a random comment about a cool way to cheer yourself up!

In fact, I think I'll start a thing - a random giveaway of a SO:Uplifting bath soak to someone who does just that. Go on, share an Uplifting trick with us on our social media pages! You might have just the thing to cheer someone else up. And you might score a free gift for yourself!

Best wishes

Dionne xx

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