This soft-cover 100 page A6 mini gratitude journal is from the fabulous Kiwi company Awesome Inc.


It contains happiness tips and inspirational quotes as well as space to write what you are grateful for each day. Plus a happiness scale you can colour in, because colouring is fab and makes you feel like a child again!


You can start your day with gratitude to align yourself into a positive flow of energy.  By focusing on all you can be grateful for, you start to see the good in every situation.


You're also going to love using it as part of your evening pre-bed routine. There is something wonderful about drifting into sleep with a grateful heart.


Available in 2 styles. Both have the same contents.

Gratitude Journal, A6

  • Keeping a gratitude journal is an easy and effective way of retraining your brain to focus on the good things in life. Research shows that it

    •  Lessens anxiety and depression symptoms.
    •  Increases resilience.
    •  Improves physical health.
    •  Strengthens your immune system.
    •  Improves your sleep.

    And more!

    • Someone who's feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed or with a lot on their plate. (The best time for self care is when you feel you don't have time for it!).


    • Great for teens to help them foster a positive outlook, regulate their emotions, focus on their strengths and build a growth mindset.
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