Support your emotional wellbeing with this gift set that can help you feel relaxed, build resilience and boost happiness.


The natural bath soak contains Epsom salt which helps your tension ease away. Blended with essential oils, choose the scent to suit your needs.


Magnesium is an essential element that many of us are lacking in, leading to issues like tense, tight muscles, headaches, anxiety and poor sleep. Take 10 seconds before bed each night to massage magnesium oil into your feet, topping up your magnesium levels quickly and efficiently.

Choose from Unscented or Lavender.


Keeping a gratitude journal is an easy and effective way of retraining your brain to focus on the good things in life. Research shows that it

  •  Lessens anxiety and depression symptoms.
  •  Increases resilience.
  •  Improves physical health.
  •  Strengthens your immune system.
  •  Improves your sleep.

And more!

Choose from "You Got This" and "Attitude Is Everything". Both books have the same content. They are mini journals with 100 pages also containing happiness tips and inspirational quotes.


Cost of individual items is $49.50.


Our special gift set price is only $46.50.


Please note that for fundraisers, only 10% cashback applies to gift sets.

Tranquil & Thankful Gratitude Gift Set

Bath Soak

    Individual price $11.50

    NZ-made, from pure, non-GMO ingredients. Not tested on animals. Contain no added colours, fillers or flow agents.


    Can be used as foot soaks and body scrubs.


    Natural Epsom salt is full of magnesium that our bodies need to help our minds be calm and our bodies relax, and to support healthy sleep. The more stressed out we are, the more magnesium we need!

    Himalayan pink salt contains 84 minerals and nutrients that nourish and replenish us.

    Varying essential oils:

    SO:Relaxing - Lavender and Bergamot.

    SO:Soothing - Lavender and Lemongrass.

    SO:Uplifting - Clary Sage and Bergamot.

    SO:Luxurious - Patchouli, Sandalwood and Ginger.

    SO:Active - Lavender, Lemongrass, Wintergreen, Clove and Peppermint. Contains Organic Sodium Bicarbonate instead of Himalayan Pink Salt.



    Individual price $21.50

    Our oil is made with pure, concentrated magnesium flakes, formulated to both food and pharmaceutical specifications, with no added fillers like flow agents. We add filtered water. That’s it. As with all our products, it’s not been tested on animals. Only very happy humans!


    Simply spray it on your skin and massage in. About 6 sprays is good.



    Worth $15.50

    • Someone who's feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed or with a lot on their plate. (The best time for self care is when you feel you don't have time for it!).
    • A friend who needs a bit of TLC.
    • That person who is always there for others and deserves a self-care treat.