Your new bedtime best friend!


Lavender Magnesium Oil is the little addition to your evening bedtime routine that can have a BIG impact on your well-being.


10 seconds is all you need.


What is Magnesium Oil?


It's simply liquid magnesium chloride. It feels like a light oil and you rub it into your skin to replenish your magnesium levels, quickly and easily.


Why use Magnesium Oil?


Known as the miracle mineral, magnesium is used in hundreds of your body's functions. The stuff that keep us going that we are blissfully unaware of. But lots of us don't get enough magnesium, even if we take an oral supplement. Differences you might notice when you apply your Mag Oil daily are:


Stress relief and improved mood


Improved sleep

Fewer sore, tight muscles, headaches, cramps and restless legs

Energy boost (sounds like the opposite of the relax and sleep parts, but it’s all related!)

SO Mg Lavender Magnesium Oil Spray 150ml

  • Our Lavender Magnesium Oil is made with pure, concentrated magnesium flakes that are formulated to both food and pharmaceutical specifications, with no added fillers like flow agents. We add filtered water and lavender essential oil from New Zealand. As with all our products, it’s not been tested on animals. Only very happy humans!


    NB - magnesium balance in the body is controlled by the kidneys, so if you have a kidney issue, please check with your health provider before taking magnesium supplements such as magnesium oil.

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