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How much nicer would your day be if you felt more relaxed and less anxious? If you could move freely with muscles that weren’t tight and tense? If you had a bit more energy? If you enjoyed a good sleep more often?

Salt & Oil Transdermal Magnesium, in the form of soothing bath soaks and magnesium oil sprays, can help you quickly and easily to 'do life' better.

Relax and unwind with a simple, soothing addition to your daily self care routine. Enhancing your magnesium levels can:

  • Restore well-being and energy levels

  • Improve mood

  • Lower feelings of anxiety and stress

  • Soothe tired, tight muscles

  • Support healthy sleep patterns

  • And SO much more.

Think you don't have time? All you need is: 

20 minutes to soak your stress away in a warm Salt & Oil bath.

10 minutes to relax on the couch with a Salt & Oil foot soak. Or use your soak as a mildly exfoliating body scrub in the shower.

20 seconds to massage our topical Magnesium Oil Spray into your skin for that energising yet relaxing boost.

Busy mum taking some time out to choose her self care treat relaxing Epsom salt bath for sore muscles and stress

Your Soaks contain:

Natural Epsom Salt (not the usual Chinese man-made stuff you find in the shops) to help relax sore muscles, soothe your mind and support healthy sleep patterns.

only natural epsom salt and himalayan pink salt in Salt & Oil bath soaks

Your Soaks DON'T contain:

Additives such as fillers, flow agents, bleach or colorants. Faffy extras like glitter or flower petals - who has time to clean that out the bath?!

magnesium oil spray to help you relax and sleep

Your Magnesium Oil Sprays contain:

Pure, high-grade, ethically-sourced Magnesium Chloride.

New Zealand ultra-distilled water.

And lavender essential oil in the bed-time spray.

These are all hand-made by us in Northland. If you'd like to find out more about using them for easy, profitable fundraisers, or stocking them in your business, please get in touch. We're here to help make life happy and stress-free. One bath at a time!

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