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  • Fed up feeling stressed and irritable?

  • Bothered by brain fog?

  • Disturbed sleep?

  • Stiff and sore after your workout (or just life!)?

  • Just.SO. Busy! Need self care that is fast, effective and not expensive?


Treat Yourself to a Magnesium-packed Salt & Oil Soak.

Your bath soak contains:

  • Natural Epsom Salt (not the usual Chinese man-made stuff) to help relax sore muscles, soothe your mind and support healthy sleep patterns.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt with its 84 body-boosting nutrients.

  • Different essential oils to suit your needs.

Your bath soak DOESN'T contain:

  • Additives such as fillers, flow agents, bleach or colorants.

  • Faffy extras like glitter or flower petals - who has time to clean that out the bath?!

No bath? No problem – the soaks are designed for you to use as a mildly-exfoliating body scrub in the shower, or as a relaxing foot soak.

No time for a foot soak? You need our Magnesium Oil Spray - Simple Self Care in 10 seconds a day!

Busy mum taking some time out to choose her self care treat relaxing Epsom salt bath for sore muscles and stress
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Shelley W - I was lucky enough to receive some Uplifting and Relaxing Salts. OMG. They are amazing! Such a wonderful addition to a hot bath at the end of a long day.


Liane B - I bought 5 of these packs. I love treating myself and my muscles to a soak ... great after gardening or exercise or just for some me time.


Sharon G  - I think it is a wonderful fundraising opportunity with an extremely good return.  I had a lot of people ordering who commented on the fact it was nice that it wasn’t a chocolate fundraiser!