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2 in 1 Natural Bath Soaks & Body Scrubs

Add to your daily routine to soothe your body and ease a frazzled mind.
NZ-made, natural, vegan, cruelty-free.
NEW - Magnesium Oil Spray to relax your mind and body on the go.

Bath soaks (we call them soaks because 'bath salts' have a slightly less relaxing meaning these days!) are an affordable everyday treat to add to your well-being routine. No bath? No problem – they are designed to be used a body scrub in the shower too, or as a relaxing foot soak.

You need these soaks in your life if you:

  • Are feeling stressed and irritable

  • Have brain fog

  • Aren't sleeping well

  • Feel stiff and sore after your workout

  • Want some relaxing 'you time' that's also quick and easy

Your bath soaks contain:

Natural Epsom salt (did you know most of the Epsom salt sold in NZ is actually man-made in China?) full of magnesium to help relax sore muscles and soothe your mind and support healthy sleep patterns.

Himalayan pink salt with its 84 body-boosting nutrients. Each soak contains different essential oils to suit your needs.

SO:Active sport recovery bath soak contains natural Epsom salt and organic sodium bicarb as this helps to neutralise lactic acid after your workout.

Your bath soaks DON'T contain:

Additives such as fillers, flow agents, bleach or colorants.

Faffy extras like glitter or flower petals, so you won’t have to spend ages rinsing out the bath afterwards or find odd bits and pieces still stuck to your skin the next day!

You’re feel good when you allow yourself time in the day to rest and relax. And you can feel even better knowing that every bath soak, body scrub or magnesium oil spray you buy means a donation to our Charity of the Month. Need to fundraise? We'd love to help!

We listen to upbeat music while we're creating, and we hope your bath soaks will give you a happy vibe too!

If you're sending them as a gift, directly to the recipient, please tell us what to write on your gift card xx


Shelley W - I was lucky enough to receive some Uplifting and Relaxing Salts. OMG. They are amazing! Such a wonderful addition to a hot bath at the end of a long day.

So Soothing is the ideal bath soak to add to your bath when you have sore muscles and are feeling a bit stressed.

Liane B - I bought 5 of these packs. I love treating myself and my muscles to a soak ... great after gardening or exercise or just for some me time.

relaxing, soothing and uplifting bath sa

Sharon G  - I think it is a wonderful fundraising opportunity with an extremely good return.  I had a lot of people ordering who commented on the fact it was nice that it wasn’t a chocolate fundraiser!