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Multi-tasking? Not always the best idea.

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Not for me anyway. Not today.

We've got a few big orders to fulfill. All of these SO:Uplifting bath soaks for a start. And I need to work on website bits and bobs which, it turns out, is extremely time-consuming and frustrating. I'm 100% certain that my children could smash it out in minutes, but there's also their lockdown home-schooling to factor in. They really need to be doing their maths lessons. And I REALLY don't know how to help them with that. I still have to feed us all (teens need food approximately every 55 minutes apparently), put the bins out in time (thank you refuse collectors for still working!), answer phone calls, reply to emails. And I MUST remember to drink some water before my brain turns to mush!

Bobbing from one task to the next before the first one is even completed is getting me nowhere. So here's the thing - no more multi-tasking for me today. Time to take a breather. The sun is shining after a morning of rain so I'm going to put all the 'shoulds' out of my mind and go and do one uplifting to clear my mind - take the dog for a walk.

Actually, I've realised that even this is multi-tasking, because I just texted an order to my local vege store so I'll stroll up to contactlessly collect my milk and fruit (sorry teens, no chips for morning tea tomorrow!) while walking the dog.

So single-tasking and feeling uplifted are my vibes for the day. What about you?

PS - for more Uplifting vibes, enter our Random Acts of Relaxation giveaway by signing up for our newsletter (these are quite rare - too much multi-tasking going on to write emails!)

PPS- more Uplifting vibes to be had soon when we tally up our total going to Women's Refuge, our charity of the month, thanks to everyone who has bought during April and May.

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