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SO ... What about magnesium oil?

Your new secret weapon for relaxation

What is magnesium oil?

It's simply liquid magnesium chloride. It feels like a light oil and you rub it into your skin.

Who is magnesium oil for?

Anyone who would like the benefits of replenishing their magnesium levels.

Did you know that the most effective way to top up your magnesium is through your skin? If you pop a pill it can take some time to work, and you may not get its full benefit once it’s passed through the acids in your digestive system. Taking extra pills can affect your guts in a not so charming way! Magnesium oil, however, can start to work as soon as it’s absorbed through your skin. It bypasses your gut meaning no icky side effects.

Why replenish your magnesium levels?

Lots of things in your life can use up your precious magnesium supply. Things like stress, coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks, processed foods. Even ‘good’ things like exercising and working up a sweat. Eating a healthy diet might not keep our magnesium levels tip-top either as even organic foods may be grown in soil that has been depleted of magnesium over recent decades of intensive farming. If your veges don’t contain as much magnesium as they used to, you aren’t getting as much either. And our bodies don’t produce magnesium themselves.

What is magnesium useful for anyway?

Known as the miracle mineral, magnesium is used in over 1000 bodily functions. The things that keep us functioning that we are blissfully unaware of. The bits you might feel the difference with are:

Stress relief and improved mood


Improved sleep

Fewer sore, tight muscles, headaches, cramps and restless legs

Energy boost (sounds like the opposite of the relax and sleep parts, but it’s all related!)

Why Salt & Oil SO Mg?

Our oil is made with pure, concentrated magnesium flakes that are formulated to both food and pharmaceutical specifications, with no added fillers like flow agents. We add filtered water. That’s it. As with all our products, it’s not been tested on animals. Only very happy humans!

How do I use magnesium oil?

Simply spray it on your skin and massage in. About 6 sprays is good. We recommend applying it to your feet at bedtime for a magnesium boost. You can apply it to any area that’s feeling a bit stiff or achy. Some people like to apply it after a shower when their pores are open.

Mag oil is for external use only. Avoid contact with your eyes and other sensitive areas such as broken skin. Don’t apply to skin that will be exposed to sunlight as this may cause irritation.

If you do experience the ‘mag oil itch’, you can wipe it off with a cloth and some warm water. Try to keep it on your skin for a few minutes at least. It’s thought the itch is caused by the magnesium dilating the small blood vessels near the surface of your skin. Most people lose this sensation after a few applications. If you keep experiencing it, but you still want the benefits of the magnesium, you can try these tips:

Dilute your mag oil with up to the same amount of water as oil.

Apply it 15 minutes before showering so you know it will be rinsed off.

Apply it with a body cream. It’s nice to use a moisturiser as magnesium can be drying on the skin for some people.

Did you know?

You can also use your magnesium spray as a deodorant? Just not straight after you’ve shaved your armpits though!!

If you experience chocolate cravings it’s thought your body is giving you a big hint that it needs some magnesium. Try using your mag oil every day and see if it makes a difference!

Pro Tip – If you’re lucky enough to go for a massage, take your magnesium oil with you so your therapist can super boost your session!

One thing to note: magnesium balance in the body is controlled by the kidneys, so if you have a kidney issue, ensure you check with your health provider before taking magnesium supplements such as magnesium oil.

So ... are you ready to top up your magnesium?! Order from our shop and it will be with you soon.

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