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Who needs a bit of uplifting right now?

We can't send out your orders just now, as bath soaks aren't classed as essential non-food items, but we are running a lockdown giveaway that will hopefully help you to feel a bit uplifted. And it's helping us to feel uplifted too, as we're asking you to tell us your favourite feel-good songs to cheer our spirits! I'm channeling an 80s vibe right now for mine!

You can enter on Facebook or Instagram, or both for double the chances of winning. But be quick - it ends 8pm on Sunday 19 April. The main gift of a bag of Uplifting bath soak, manuka and shea butter soap and mini candle, and the bonus gift of a bag of bath soak for a friend you have nominated, can only be sent out when we are advised by MBIE that we can do so.

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