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Unlocking Mental Wellness: The Power of Journaling for Positive Mindset

By Guest Blogger Nicky Perry

In a world where chaos and distractions are everywhere, the practice of journaling is like an ancient secret to feeling better and thinking clearer. It's a tool that's been used for centuries to help us understand our thoughts, feelings and experiences and appreciate the good things in life. Imagine it as a doorway to a happier mind and a more thankful heart.

I want to share with you 5 key benefits of journaling:

  1. Clarity of Thoughts: Imagine having a GPS for your thoughts and feelings. When you write them down, it's easier to understand what's going on in your head. You can figure out why you're feeling a certain way and start to see patterns.

  2. Stress Relief: Your journal is like a cozy hideaway where stress and worries can't bother you. Writing in it lets you pour out your feelings and worries, like talking to a friend who won't judge you. It's a secret place where you can feel better.

  3. Heightened Self-Awareness: Think of your journal as helping you shine a light on your experiences. By writing about what happens to you, you get to know yourself better. It's like finding out why you do certain things and how you react to stuff.

  4. Boosted Creativity: When you put your pen on paper, you open the door to your imagination. You can come up with new ideas, see things from different angles, and even find cool ways to solve problems. It's a fun place for your mind to play around.

  5. Nurtured Positivity: By writing down all the good stuff that happens and the things you're thankful for, it helps you to focus on the positive rather than our natural tendency to focus on the negative. It’s as if you are painting a sunny picture in your mind. When you do this, you start to feel more positive and happy inside. It's like a little happiness boost for your thoughts.

So, that sounds great and all but how do you get started?

Select Your Ideal Journal: Choose a journal that feels right for you. I am biased but I would recommend AwesoME Inc guided journals – choose from our range of Gratitude, Resilience and Mindset Journals – they are the perfect companions to ignite your journaling spark, guiding you to share your thoughts but also your gratitude.

Create a Special Ritual: Choose a dedicated time every day or week for your journaling, creating a special ritual that includes things like getting cozy in bed, or on the couch, make a warm drink, or spend some time meditating or being mindful of your thoughts before you get started. It's like having a date with your thoughts and doing it at the same time, in the same place, helps you get into a groove.

Use Prompts to Get Started: If you're not sure what to write, no worries! AwesoME Inc journals include prompts and explanations. Delve into the details and elaborate on what you are grateful for. This will yield greater benefits than a simple list. For example: instead of just saying you're grateful for water and sunshine, describe how water hydrates you and sunshine brings warmth and joy.

Be Real and True: Your journal is your own personal space, so when you write, be real, but try and focus on the positive aspect. You can write about moments when you felt vulnerable or just a little bit grateful. Here’s an example: instead of writing ‘I’m grateful I didn’t miss my bus’ write instead ‘I am grateful I was early this morning’. But there are really no hard and fast rules, it's your special place, so be yourself!

Remember, your journaling journey is all about having fun, discovering new things about yourself, and letting gratitude shine. Your journal is a canvas for self-reflection and growth, not a courtroom for self-scrutiny, so approach your words with compassion, offering yourself a space to grow and evolve and see how it makes you feel.

About AwesoME Inc:

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, AwesoMe Inc brings together all the threads of founder Nicky Perry’s experience - her psychology studies, a 27+ year career in graphic design, a background in scientific publishing and personal experience as a support person for loved ones in times of mental distress.

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Nicky started creating mental health resources with her own family in mind. She wants her kids (and others) to grow up having life skills that will help them through life’s inevitable storms. She has a drive to do something positive to combat the World’s appalling mental health statistics, by bringing the power of positive psychology into simple, everyday practices anyone can learn before they reach crisis point.

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A wee word from Dionne: I've been using Awesome Inc gratitude journals for many years now, and really credit them with helping improve my mental wellbeing. They are an amazing tool that I'd love more people to benefit from. When I first started using them, I made an effort to write something every day (though they are not dated, so you don't feel obliged to do so), no matter how trivial it seemed. Some days I struggled to fill all the spaces. But, like being able to lift heavier weights the more often I go to the gym, my 'brain muscles' soon learned what to do, and focusing on the positives of each day became an easy, joyful activity. Now I can go weeks without needing to use my journal. But when I start to feel the grey clouds gathering, I know what I'm missing and get right back into it. I keep mine on the shelf beside my bed, and love writing in it last thing at night - how great is it to recap all the things I'm grateful for that day, and fall asleep with a smile on my face?


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