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Magnesium Oil: Orchestrating Wellness Within You

In the grand symphony of life, our bodies are the orchestras, and every system within us is made up of musicians that play vital roles in maintaining a beautiful tune. Every section of the orchestra needs to play, and pause, at just the right time to achieve a harmonious overall effect. That's what the conductor is there for (though I still can't work out how waving a wand like Harry Potter casting a spell can tell so many people what to do, all at the same time). In our bodies, the multi-tasking mineral magnesium takes on the role of the conductor, ensuring that every intricate note is played to perfection, by every player.

orchestra conductor like magnesium oil controlling your body

How does it do this, and how does you using magnesium oil help improve your conductor's performance?

Muscles and Nerve Maestro:

Magnesium is the music maestro that directs the communication between muscles and nerves (think of them as the brass and percussion sections of the orchestra). It acts as a messenger, so each section knows what to do when. But instead of informing musicians to take a breath, or bang a drum, it transmits signals that tell a muscle when to contract, a nerve how to function properly, and the heart to maintain its steady beat. When you boost your magnesium levels with magnesium oil, it's like giving the conductor a magic wand, enhancing their ability to keep your body's symphony playing flawlessly.

magnesium oil helps your muscle recovery

Harmony Restorer:

Each section of the orchestra can be made up of dozens of musicians. Imagine these musicians are your cells (multiplied by millions!). Each cell has to play its unique part perfectly. What can help them focus on getting it right so all we hear is a harmonious masterpiece? Magnesium. Like an expert sound engineer adjusting audio levels, magnesium can do things like balance calcium levels within your cells, promoting optimal cellular function. Just as a flat note might ruin your enjoyment of a melody, an imbalance in your cellular minerals might upset your feeling of healthy wellbeing. Applying magnesium oil can help get your magnesium levels right, in order to help fine tune the other minerals.

magnesium oil is goof for your body's cells

Tension Remover:

An orchestra conductor can sometimes look pretty intense and tense. But actual tension in the musicians isn't going to lead to an enjoyable performance. They have to be in the moment, enjoying what they're doing. They often look like they're in a relaxed state of flow, the violin's bow gliding effortlessly across the strings. What can help your muscles relax and enjoy what they're doing? Magnesium! But your body's magnesium is being called on for so many other duties. So treat your muscles to their own serene, calming supply. When you spray magnesium oil onto your skin, your muscles will feel as if you'd had a soothing massage after a long day. The oil will absorb into your skin, delivering magnesium directly to the source of tension, and helping your muscles relax.

magnesium oil massage to ease sore muscles and tension

Conductor's Assistant:

The conductor's baton is their tool for precision and control. Think of magnesium oil as your body's baton. By applying it regularly, you're providing your conductor with a stronger, more capable baton. It can work more effectively at coordinating your body's systems, improving muscle performance, and reducing the chance of cramps, tics or spasms. It can help that conductor keep going tirelessly and with precision, to help your body feel in tune and harmonious.

If you'd like to orchestrate an enhanced feeling of overall wellbeing in your body, magnesium oil might be the silent conductor you need to bring your performance to life!


At Salt & Oil we have two Magnesium Oils you can choose from - one plain and one that is scented with lavender.

If you'd like to try one for yourself, please use code TRYMAG and you'll get 20% off. You can buy as many bottles as you like with this code. If we could have the whole of New Zealand playing as one big, happy, relaxed, in tune orchestra, how wonderful would that be?!

PS - Here's an interesting thing to note: Exposure to loud music causes your body to go into the fight or flight response, and when that happens, your body uses up extra magnesium to help lower your stress levels. So someone, like a conductor or musician, who has to listen to lots of loud music, would want to make sure they're topping up their magnesium often. Especially if they tend to get nervous or anxious before a performance (magnesium helps to calm your nervous system).


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