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Epsom Salt Baths - Secret Weapon for Busy Mums

Updated: Mar 5

Dear Stressed Out Busy Mum

As you navigate the whirlwind of parenthood, juggling endless, often thankless tasks, and doing so much for the other people in your life, it's easy to lose sight of your own well-being.

It’s tricky to find the time. And money can be a concern when it comes to some 'self care' methods.

I’m really trying hard in my own life to not feel the G word but (I’m going to say it once and then we’ll move swiftly on because it really is a draining emotion that doesn’t help us, or anyone around us) Guilt, specifically around time and money can often be a factor that limits us from doing things for ourselves, instead of our family. And I’m not even talking about flash, expensive treats like a day spa or champagne lunch.

Your family thrives because of how you care for them, right? You need to thrive too! Guilt-free! You can't care for others if you're not caring for yourself.

For example, I bet you’re great at keeping the kids in a calming bedtime routine because you know it’s good for their wellbeing. But when did you last make time to do this act of kindness for yourself?

Because here at Salt & Oil we’re filled with gratitude and love for magnesium and all its numerous benefits, we’re going to explore how soothing Epsom salt baths can be your easy, affordable secret weapon for self-care. It’s not just about the serenity and peace you experience while you’re bathing; it’s about how regularly boosting your magnesium levels benefits your day to day life.

balance life's ups and downs with soothing epsom salt baths made in new zealand

🛀 Epsom salt baths replenish magnesium levels in your body, supporting energy production and reducing the effects of fatigue.

Imagine your week as a never-ending marathon (sorry, that sounds a bit exhausting!). Epsom salt baths are your pit stops along the marathon route – moments of respite where you recharge your energy and prepare for the next leg of the race. But instead of those little weird packets of gel, you get the nourishing embrace of soft, warm, magnesium-charged water.

🛀 Epsom salt baths promote relaxation and reduce stress, helping you find balance in the midst of chaos.

Parenting is like walking a tightrope as you balance your child's needs, your own desires, and those of your partner if you have one. Walking a tightrope is less stressful if you have a safety net. Regular Epsom salt baths can help you regain balance, and feel calmer and more confident - your soothing safety net at the end of a tough, busy day.

parenting is like walking a tightrope, let epsom salt baths be your safety net

🛀 The magnesium in Epsom salt is thought to support cognitive function and mental clarity, helping you stay sharp and composed. We all know that mums are multi-tasking superstars. But all these tasks take up space in our brains. The so-called mental load. Using magnesium to calm your mind can help you focus better on the most important things amid the racing jumble of to-do list reminders.

magnesium can help focus your mind when you have racing thoughts and a long to do list

🛀 Magnesium can promote muscle relaxation and relieve tension, easing the physical strain that comes with the demands of parenting.

Think of Epsom salt baths as your desert island paradise in the middle of the wild ocean that’s battering you with waves of stress. You’ll exhaust yourself if you keep swimming against the tide. Rest on your island and let the fatigue recede. Rest as often as you need.

magnesium can calm your nerves when you feel stressed. try Salt & Oil NZ epsom salt bath soaks

🛀 Epsom salt baths can promote better sleep quality, ensuring that you're well-rested and fully present for everyone in your life. That includes you!

When you’re in your bath, really savour the peace with a sense of mindfulness to make the most of every minute (though if your ‘you’ time includes reading a favourite book or listening to an upbeat podcast or music, that’s also a lovely restful and recharging act of self-care). SO whether parenting feels like running a marathon, walking a tightrope or battling big waves (or even on those blissful days when it feels like a pleasant walk in the park), know that you ARE a Super Mum and Epsom salt baths are your secret weapon and your shield. All you have to do is commit to allowing yourself 20 minutes two or three times a week to activate their powers!

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Dionne x


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