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Mmmmmoreish Magnesium!

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

You know we love keeping our magnesium levels topped up (better sleep, less irritable, more relaxed, less tense – what’s not to love?).

And you know we love to do this the most relax-y way possible, via Salt & Oil Epsom salt based baths and magnesium oil massages, rather than by taking oral supplements*.

BUT we are fans of getting a boost of magnesium orally when it comes in the form of chocolate!

chocolate is a good source of magnesium, Salt & Oil NZ

Do yourself a favour and check out this recipe for chocolate salad (they’re just joking, it’s for Chocolate Truffles but with an added twist that renders them nigh on a health food) by Flourish Yoga in Takapuna.

Quick and easy, with very few ingredients. The longest part is waiting for them to set in the fridge. I still have to learn how to do this step correctly. My version of the recipe is ‘eat half of the mixture while it’s still warm and gooey’. Then ‘scrape the bowl clean and lick the spoon clean while you're at it’. Then ‘test the mixture once it's been in the fridge a bit to see how it’s setting’.

Let me know if you can follow the recipe better than I can!

Vegan Chocolate Truffles by Flourish Yoga

* If you are taking an oral supplement, it's preferable to take it between meals so it's absorbed better. Spread it throughout the day if possible. Too much oral magnesium can act like a laxative, impairing your absorption of the mineral as it's excreted too rapidly from your body.

Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, a nuerosurgeon and pain management expert, recommends the use of magnesium oil applied to skin to restore intracellular magnesium levels successfully.

keep magnesium oil spray in your gym bag to ease muscles after exercise

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