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Are You Craving Chocolate? Or Missing Magnesium?

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

When I was at nursing college in Scotland, my flat mate kept a stash of chocolate bars in her bedside table. It was normal for her to eat a couple most nights. Even more when she was tired or stressed (we were studying, working shifts, and partying lots, so tired and stressed was the norm!), and even even more when it was her time of the month.*

Salt & Oil NZ magnesium oil spray can help stop chocolate cravings

Why? I didn’t know it at the time, but her body would have been desperate for magnesium (tiredness, stress, drinking alcohol and eating a student diet of 2-minute noodles will do that to a body**). Chocolate is high in magnesium (plus all that addictive sugar and fat of course) so that’s what she reached for to make her feel better.

* Oestrogen and progesterone influence magnesium ion levels in your body, which may explain why supplementing magnesium can relieve symptoms of PMS such as migraine, bloating and irritability. (The Magnesium Miracle, Carolyn Dean MD).

** When you’re stressed, your body uses up more magnesium than usual to support your adrenal glands (think of adrenal fatigue and burnout). Drinking alcohol is an issue because it blocks magnesium absorption. And all our cheap, quick to prepare, highly processed food was severely lacking in magnesium (and other nutrition!) so we simply weren't getting enough of this vital mineral.

drinking alchohol can lower your magnesium levels, top them up with Salt & Oil magnesium oil spray

Turns out my friend's body knew what it was lacking and tried to make sure it got it! Getting your magnesium from chocolate is a bit of a vicious circle though, as your body uses up even more magnesium to process the sugar that you eat.

You can increase your magnesium intake by eating more leafy greens and nuts (preferably not the chocolate coated ones!), but if you feel you’d like to supplement your levels further to see if it can make a difference to your cravings, you can try using Magnesium Oil Spray.

It’s an easy habit to add to your daily routine. Keep your bottle on your bedside table and apply it to the soles of your feet every night before bedtime.

salt & oil magnesium spray to boost your magnesium levels, keep it on your bedside table to use daily

So, we know our bodies call upon their supplies of magnesium during times of stress. But what else do our bodies need it for? Here are just a few of the many things magnesium does for you:

* It's a calming mineral that can improve your mood, anxiety, and help you to sleep better.

* It helps activate the enzymes that control your digestion, improving the absorption of proteins, fats, and carbs.

* Magnesium helps insulin to get glucose into your cells. If this process doesn't take place properly, glucose remains in your bloodstream and is stored as fat, often around your middle. Excess insulin in your bloodstream can lead to diabetes.

* It increases energy at a cellular level so not getting enough magnesium could explain why some people feel tired, even though they feel they slept fine.


Do you take a magnesium supplement already? Have you tried using magnesium oil? Because you apply it to your skin, it can get straight to work at a cellular level instead of passing through your digestive system first, as tablets or magnesium powdered drinks have to.

It's also a lovely way to give yourself a brief moment of daily self care as you massage it into your skin. And, just think, if your hands are rubbing in magnesium oil, they can't be popping pieces of chocolate into your mouth!

If you decide to give our magnesium oil a go, try it daily for a couple of months and let us know if you notice any difference in the amount of chocolate you're eating ...

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