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My 5 favourite benefits of magnesium - a guest blog by busy mum and businesswoman, Didi

Before I was encouraged to make time for ‘self care’, including using magnesium oil and taking regular Epsom salt-based baths, I had no idea how tense and tired I actually was!

I do lead a busy life – I run my own business (which you know means more than full-time hours), play, coach and umpire netball, get up early for gym sessions, deal with three teenagers and look after the maintenance and livestock on our lifestyle block. I thought I never had time for ‘self care’.

bottle of SO Mg magnesium oil spray on a bedside table ready to massage into feet to improve sleep

So my bonus benefit goes to magnesium in the form of my magnesium oil spray and how it’s such a time saver. It only takes 10 seconds to apply. It’s much nicer than taking a magnesium tablet and it’s easy to remember to use as part of my bedtime routine. But I’ve also realised that taking a bit of time out for a soak in the bath with Epsom salt is time well-spent because:

1 – After a So Relaxing bath my mind can switch off better and I find I get to sleep quicker. The more sleep I get, the better I function at work the next day. I’d heard that magnesium (that you get in Epsom salt) can help with sleep, but it’s great to actually experience it!

2 – I feel more focused. My mind doesn’t race from one thing to the next. Maybe that’s part and parcel of having a good sleep.

3 – I definitely feel less stressed after a soak in a Salt & Oil bath. Not just my muscles but my mind too. It’s like I can feel the worries melting away in the water! My mood just feels better altogether.

4 – My poor old muscles love it! These days I really feel it when I’ve worked out at the gym (thank you Elevate Gym’s kettlebell classes, you obviously do the job well!) If I have a So Active bath that night my muscles feel more relaxed the next day. They definitely know they’ve done a workout, but they’re not as painful as they would be otherwise.

Kettlebell exercises at Elevate gym Whangarei

5 – My real favourite is one that benefits the whole family. Knowing that if one of my teens has had a tough day, I can run them a bath with the Relaxing or Soothing bath soak then before bed have some quiet time with them where I massage magnesium oil into their feet, or their muscles if they’re sore from playing sport. It calms them down and helps them get to sleep. It’s just a lovey thing to be able to do for your children.


Thank you Didi! Didi owns Propertyscouts Whangarei. She started her property management business recently. I don’t think she expected to become so busy so quickly. I met up with her last week to deliver some more Salt & Oil bath soaks (she gifts these to her new home owners as part of their welcome pack) and during our 15-minute chat she received calls from 2 potential new customers who’d been recommended to use Propertyscouts. Keep up the good work Didi, and keep enjoying your stress-relieving baths! It sounds like you and your children are really benefiting from them!

Didi, owner of Propertyscouts Whangarei home rental management service

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