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Swimmers – Why an Epsom Salt Bath can Help You Glide Through Recovery

Do you have children who swim competitively? Are you a keen swimmer yourself?

If you’re a water lover, whether it’s pool-plunging or wave-conquering, we have the not-so-secret secret weapon that's super simple to add to your post-swim routine – Epsom salt baths. These magical salts can make your strokes smoother than a dolphin's glide and recovery as refreshing as popping a manu off the wharf on a hot summer’s day.

Salt & oil epsom salt recovery bath will give you an explosion of energy

Epsom salt baths can turn your post-training routine into a relaxing ritual that not only helps you recover, but can help enhance your performance next time.

Here’s how:

Epsom salt baths aid muscle relaxation

Magnesium sulphate, (the chemical term for Epsom salt), helps muscles relax and reduces tension. The lower you are in magnesium, the more likely you are to experience muscle cramps and twitches. The more active you are (swimmers – some of you train more than 8 times a week!) the more likely you are to be low in magnesium as this important mineral is used up when you exercise. So a topical top up of magnesium is definitely something to consider.

When your muscles are less tense and sore, you'll likely feel more energetic and less fatigued. The more relaxed your muscles are, the more buoyant you’ll feel as you glide through the water feeling as light as a feather.

relax after swim training or a swim meet in a warm epsom salt bath from Salt & Oil NZ

Epsom salt baths can improve flexibility

Soaking in magnesium can improve muscle flexibility by reducing tension and promoting relaxation, which is crucial for executing precise movements in the water. Your tumble turns will start to look as smooth as a synchronized swim routine!

Epsom salt baths can help you feel less stressed

Magnesium, found in Epsom salt, helps regulate stress hormones and promotes mental as well as physical relaxation.

Swimming meets, early morning starts, and trying to hit PBs can lead to swim-induced stress. Epsom salt baths are your stress-relief desert island of calm in a rough ocean. They'll relax your body and mind, leaving you as serene as a sea turtle cruising through crystal-clear calm waters. When your mind is calmer, you’re more able to focus on the task at hand – swimming your best race. Reduced stress and anxiety can lead to better energy levels and improved overall well-being.

swimmers should use epsom salt baths to increase their magnesium levels to relax and perform better

Epsom salt baths can improve sleep quality

The magnesium relaxes your body and mind ready for sleep, and lowers your stress levels before bed. It also plays an important role in controlling your sleep/wake cycle. Quality sleep is essential for muscle recovery and overall performance. But it can be tricky to attain in a sport that calls for early morning starts, long breaks in the middle of the day, then late evenings of high performance. A warm, soothing Epsom salt is the perfect way to switch between the high demands of your day and sweet dreams as your head hits the pillow. Improved sleep can significantly impact your energy levels the next day.

bedtime routine - epsom salt bath, magnesium oil spray, gratitude journal made in New Zealand

The final two points might not sound like they’ll enhance your performance but, in a sport where every split counts, you never know what advantage these might give you.

Epsom salt baths can help hydrate your skin

Prolonged exposure to chlorine or saltwater can leave your skin feeling less than fabulous. Epsom salt baths to the rescue! They can help replenish the moisture in your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Epsom salt baths can help remove chlorine from your skin

Epsom salt can help neutralize chlorine, preventing it from sticking to your skin and hair, which is particularly useful for pool swimmers who are often exposed to chlorinated water. We won’t say your hair will become like that lady beside the waterfall in the Timotei ad, but hopefully your hair will be less scarecrow-like, and your skin less dry.


In the world of swimming, where precision, endurance, and mental fortitude are essential, Epsom salt baths are your not-so-secret weapon for performance enhancement and recovery. They relax your muscles, boost your flexibility, reduce stress, and ensure you get the restful sleep you need to do your best.

So add a stroke of genius to your swimming – train hard then recover gently and effectively with Epsom salt baths. Take the plunge with our Salt & Oil blended bath soaks with added essential oils to enhance the muscle-soothing and mind-calming effects of your magnesium soak. If you prefer unscented, we have the right products for you too.

Salt & Oil bath soaks with essential oils to help you sleep, recover from training and have more energy

If you’d like to try some for yourself, use code SWIM to get 20% off all single pouches. If you’d like to grab some in bulk for your team or club, please email us and we’ll sort you out with a special price.

Fancy joining us to receive The Weekly Soak - aka our email updates? There's a welcome offer for you in your first email, and you'll be added to our monthly draw to win a bath soak for you and one for a friend as our Random Act of Relaxation.

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