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Say Goodbye to Work Stress – 8 ways an Epsom salt bath can help you

Updated: Mar 20

Can an Epsom salt bath can help you recover from a tough day at the office and decrease your Sunday evening blues? It certainly can!

If your work involves emails, meetings, deadlines or awkward customers, you’re probably feeling more stress and tension than you’d like. And if a lot of your time is spent at a desk, or driving, you’re likely storing up some muscle tension and twinges too.

Microbreaks and getting in as much movement as you can throughout the day definitely help. But we’ve got a more calming, restful solution to help you glide through the working week with a smile on your face that’ll have your co-workers wondering what your secret is.

Let’s dive into the relaxing world of Epsom salt baths and how they can help you recover mentally and physically, reduce work stress, and even make you better at your job!

Salt & Oil epsom salt bath is your easy weekly dose of self care

Your Epsom salt bath can help you with:

1 - Stress Reduction

Magnesium, a key component of Epsom salt, is known to regulate stress hormones and promote relaxation.

Sinking into an Epsom salt bath can be your refuge from the minefield of office politics, deadlines and demands. It’ll help soothe your frazzled nerves and relax your mind. The less you’re worried about the niggles of the day, the more your mind can focus on other, more pleasant things.

2 - Muscle Relaxation

Epsom salt baths are celebrated for their ability to relax muscles. Magnesium sulphate aids in muscle relaxation, reducing tension and promoting recovery.

Think your muscles aren’t suffering after a day at the office? Think again! Hours spent hunched over a keyboard or glued to a computer screen can lead to muscle tension that feels as stubborn as that one unread email in your inbox. Try an Epsom salt bath to alleviate tension, and the discomfort of office-induced muscle knots and niggles.

NZ made bath soaks that can ease sore muscles after a long day at the office

3 - Body flexibility

If you’re thinking, hold on, I work in accounts, I’m not a gymnast! Hear me out - Epsom salt baths can improve muscle flexibility by reducing tension and promoting relaxation. This is crucial for counteracting the sedentary nature of office work, where your body hasn’t been able to unwind, stretch and wriggle. Even ergonomic chairs and standing desks can have you holding the same body position for quite a while.

4 - Mood enhancement

Of course you might love your work but, even if you do, would you be open to feeling a little bit happier, a bit calmer? The magnesium in Epsom salt is calming and relaxing in itself. But when you combine it with essential oils, it becomes a sensory experience that helps transport you from the daily commute to, say, a serene spa or exotic location. Without the expensive price tag!

luxurious natural bath soak to indulge your sense with aromatherapy NZ

5 - Improved sleep

Epsom salt baths can promote better sleep quality by relaxing your body and reducing stress. Magnesium is necessary to assist the hormones that help control a healthy sleep/wake cycle.

Quality sleep is essential for overall well-being and productivity. I’m sure you’ve noticed it yourself – a long day at the office goes faster and seems easier when you’ve had a good sleep. And the less stressed a day at work makes you, the easier it is to empty your mind and fall asleep, feeling fresh and alert the next day. It’s a virtuous circle. One that’s even more satisfying than getting your perfect budget report handed in to your boss ahead of schedule.

6 - Detox support

Epsom salt baths support the body's natural detoxification process, aiding in the removal of waste products and environmental toxins.

This can be particularly beneficial for office workers who spend extended periods indoors in less-than-ideal air quality with air conditioning, toxin-treated furniture, and even other people's perfumes.

recover after a busy day at work with a detox epsom salt bath

7 - Mental clarity boost

Magnesium, found in Epsom salt, plays a role in serotonin production, contributing to mood stabilization. And it seems to really help to calm a racing mind.

You know those days when work leave you feeling mentally drained and you can’t get your brain to do what you know it should be able to do? The magnesium in your bath plays a role in neurotransmitter function which can help with mental clarity.

8 - Easing pain

Magnesium’s anti-inflammatory properties can provide relief from minor aches and pains.

Most of us who sit at a desk, drive a work van or stand at a counter for long periods of the day are going to need help with this. Our bodies aren’t designed to maintain the same position for so long. But it’s tricky for many of us to keep nice movement going while we work – ‘Yes Mrs Smith I’ll price up your shopping next, just as soon as I’ve jogged around the block’. Backaches, shoulder twinges, stiff necks, sore feet - Epsom salt baths can be a natural way to manage all these discomforts.

ease aches and pains with a soothing epsom salt bath from Salt & Oil NZ

So, busy workers of New Zealand, unite and use Salt & Oil Epsom salt baths as your relaxation ally!

Let the stresses of your working day dissolve like the sugar you put in that morning coffee to keep you going till lunch time. You’ll benefit at the time from the half hour of serenity and self care, yes, but those benefits will extend into your working day too. Your mind, body and office-weary soul will thank you.

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Dionne x


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