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8 Ways Epsom Salt Baths Can Aid Teachers

If you’re a teacher, incorporating Epsom salt baths into your self-care routine can be a valuable way to manage the physical and emotional demands of the profession. You’ll not only be prioritising your own well-being, you might find you have more left in the tank to be even more effective in the classroom.

Let’s look at how a good old Epsom salt bath can be your trusty teacher’s aide in the workplace fight against stress and fatigue.

epsom salt bath easy self care for busy stressed teachers and nurses

Epsom baths bring stress relief

Teaching can be emotionally and mentally demanding. Epsom salt baths promote relaxation, reduce stress, and help teachers unwind after a long day in the classroom.

Aside from the ever-increasing workload and ever-diminishing resources that add to a teacher's stress levels, it’s unbelievable how just the noise of 30 children in a small space can affect your wellbeing. Constant noise is a stressor that can put your body into fight or flight mode. When your body is in this state it leans heavily on your magnesium supplies to support your adrenal glands. What better way to boost your magnesium than in a QUIET relaxing bath with Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate). Maybe play some gentle, soothing music. Or just enjoy the swooshing of the warm water on your skin. Blissful peace!

Epsom salt will relax your muscles

Standing, walking, and leaning over desks for extended periods can lead to muscle tension and discomfort. Teaching is like a long, hard workout but without the release of endorphins. The magnesium in your Epsom salt bath can alleviate muscle soreness and promote muscle relaxation, easing physical fatigue. It’s like going to the spa. But no appointment needed, and you don’t have to shell out big bucks to the masseuse.

epsom salt bath to ease sore muscles and calm your mind, mental and physical wellbeing

Regular Epsom salt baths can improve your sleep

You know yourself that the day seems 10 times (yay, an easy times table to learn!) better when you’ve had a good sleep. Better sleep is crucial for teachers to maintain focus and energy during the school day. No more counting sheep for you. The magnesium in your Epsom salt bath is known to relax muscles and calm a racing mind in preparation for sleep, controls the hormones that govern your healthy sleep cycle, and is thought to ease restless legs. Regularly boosting your magnesium levels should allow you a nightly recharge, letting you wake up refreshed and raring to go.

better sleep tips - magnesium oil, epsom salt bath, turn off devices

Epsom salt baths can reduce pain and discomfort

Teachers who experience back, neck, or shoulder pain due to prolonged periods of sitting or standing can find relief in Epsom salt baths. The magnesium in the salts may help reduce inflammation and discomfort. People often notice that their muscles feel more relaxed and they have reduced episodes of muscle spasms and cramps, when they add Epsom salt baths to their wellbeing routine. Next time you have a stack of papers to mark, make sure that Epsom salt bath is locked and loaded into your diary to help your back, neck and fingers recover.

Epsom salt baths offer immune support

Chronic stress assaults your nervous system and immune system. A relaxed body, improved sleep, and reduced feelings of stress can support a stronger immune system, helping teachers stay healthy during the school year. Because if anyone is going to be exposed to lots of germs and snotty noses, it's teachers.

Epsom salt baths provide mental clarity

Maintaining a good level of magnesium doesn’t just provide physical benefits, it’s believed to support improved memory and focus - beneficial for problem-solving and lesson planning. Your lowered stress levels will also enhance your imagination and creativity, allowing you to embrace the joys of learning as much as you hope your students do!

Epsom salt baths give you a mood boost

A good mood that is! The magnesium in your Epsom salt bath is known to increase serotonin (our feel-good hormone) production, which can contribute to an improved mood and sense of well-being.

Epsom salt baths offer simple self care

If you tend to prioritize the well-being of your students, colleagues and your family, there’s a chance you’re neglecting your own self care. The analogies of putting your oxygen mask on before helping others, and not being able to pour from an empty cup are well known for a reason.

A soothing bath is a wonderful, simple, cheap and effective way to put your own needs, both physical and mental, first. Make this time truly about you. No work thoughts allowed! You might like to listen to a podcast to make sure your mind doesn’t wander to lesson plans or playground duty dramas. Let yourself be transported to a place of pure relaxation. A tranquil escape from the classroom chaos.

relaxing, soothing, uplifting epsom salt bath soaks to improve your sleep and wellbeing made in NZ
All Salt & Oil soaks are made with Natural Epsom salt and pure Himalayan pink salt to aid your wellbeing

If we were going to give Epsom salt baths an end of year report mark, it’d be an A+!

We suggest giving yourself some homework – set aside time for a soothing Epsom salt bath at least a couple of nights a week and see what benefits this brings for you. No need to write an essay about it, just lie back, relax and enjoy.

Here's a quick hack for getting your homework completed like a top student! Use code TEACHER to get 20% off all single bath soak items in the Salt & Oil shop.

Use code TEACHER to get 20% off all single soaks. Valid for one order per person.
Use code TEACHER to get 20% off all single soaks. Valid for one order per person.

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