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How Topical Magnesium can help Your Child with Back to School Stress

Did you enjoy going back to school after the summer break? Or were you one of those kids who felt a bit anxious about it? New class, new teacher, possibly new children to get to know? Harder work. More responsibilities. It’s quite a lot for our little people, tweens and teens to cope with.

The worries can build up inside. Your child probably can’t articulate what’s making them feel funny. You might just see it in acting out types of behaviour, rather than your son or daughter expressly telling you they’re nervous because they heard that their new teacher, Mrs Growl-a-lot, is a big, mean ogre! The stress and anxiety can be even worse if they’re shifting up to intermediate or high school.


We’re not parenting experts. There are lots of other websites dedicated to that. But we do know about magnesium. And that having good levels of magnesium helps lower feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. Magnesium supports our adrenal glands, which are affected by stress (and remember, our children might feel stressed by seemingly insignificant things that we're not aware of), and helps produce our feel-good brain chemicals.

Good magnesium levels are also known to assist with attention, focus and memory.

salt & oil magnesium oil spray helps you to focus and learn at school

Did you know that children can be just as magnesium-deficient as adults? Especially if their summer holiday diet consisted of sausage sizzles, chips and ice blocks (100% no judgment there – our kids are the same!) – foods that not only lack magnesium but actually deplete our magnesium supply.

To support your child's well-being, consider incorporating magnesium into their daily routine.

We recommend using a topical magnesium on your child every day, particularly at bedtime, as magnesium is known to support good sleep patterns. You can opt for an Epsom salt bath as a fun, relaxing part of their bedtime routine. Or, if you’re pushed for time, take a minute to massage magnesium oil into their feet.

give your child a Salt & Oil epsom salt magnesium bath to help sleep and be healthy

If you already have some magnesium, of any brand, great! Remember it only works if you use it! And regularity is key. Again, little things we might not see as stressors can actually be depleting our children’s magnesium supplies every day. Sugary foods, fizzy drinks, and sweating due to exercise or simple fun in the sun also use up our supplies daily. So let’s make a plan to top them up with magnesium every day!


Children with low magnesium levels are more likely to suffer adversely from stressful events, and are more likely to experience anxiety and low mood.

"Children are underdiagnosed when it comes to magnesium deficiency, but they can have magnesium deficiencies for the same reason as adults. Attention deficit disorder (ADHD), autism, juvenile delinquency, and childhood depression are associated with magnesium deficiency, and some say these conditions can be caused by it." - 'The Magnesium Miracle', Carolyn Dean, MD, ND.


Even the act of using topical magnesium can be a daily mood boost for your child – most young children love the soothing feeling of being in water. So their evening bath, with added Epsom salt, is a winner. When our boys were younger their moods were instantly boosted by hopping in the bath. Now they’re teens they still gravitate to a magnesium-filled bath to help them rest, relax and reset.

And the magnesium oil can be an awesome moment of ‘time in’ bonding with your child at bedtime. Touch is a good stress reliever. When it’s combined with a magnesium foot massage, you earn top parenting points!

massage magneisum oil into your child's feet to help them relax and sleep

Navigating the challenges of going back to school requires a holistic approach to your child's well-being. Actively incorporating magnesium into their routine can empower them to face new experiences with resilience and a positive mindset. Make magnesium a daily ritual for your child, fostering not just physical health but also emotional strength as they embark on their school year.

And it goes without saying - don't forget to top up your own magnesium levels too. Being a parent can be pretty stressful!

Dionne x

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