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Go On, Treat Yourself!

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

A guest blog by Mel Ross, Little & Luxe


I’m Mel and I’m the Salt & Oil guest blogger today! I own Little&Luxe, a lifestyle subscription box. When Dionne asked if I wanted to contribute a blog on treating yourself, I jumped at the chance!

Treating yourself doesn’t have to be about spending heaps of cash, or a full day at the spa - treating yourself can be as simple as taking some time out of your day to focus on you.

little&luxe gift box will feature magnesium oil spray from Salt & Oil

As a working Mum with a small business, looking after myself is a priority, because if I can’t function, nothing functions. So, let’s get in to some ideas on how to self-care/treat yourself.

  • Go for a walk, do a workout (there are loads of free ones online via YouTube if a gym is not your thing, or in your budget, or if you don’t have time like me). I know a workout doesn’t seem like a treat, but your body will love it and those natural endorphins will kick in – promise!

  • Learn a new skill. I know that sounds weird – but I’m a strong believer in always learning, always being curious. There are so many resources out there now – I’ve just taught myself to cross stitch. I wish my nana was still alive to see how much pleasure and relaxation I’ve gotten from what was her favourite hobby. I’m no where as good as she was though!

cross stitch is a nice relaxing hobby to learn

  • Buy yourself your favourite edible treat and sit and enjoy it. Sometimes I head down to my local café that has a playground for the small human and while I sit in peace enjoying my caramel slice, she’s off playing (sometimes I even get away with not having to share).

  • On the theme of food, see if you can recreate your favourite meal or find a recipe you’ve always wanted to try, and make it.

  • I’m a big reader, so for me treating myself can be as simple as downloading the new release book by one of my favourite authors, and curling up in the sun with snacks to nibble on while I delve into another world.

  • Dance! Make yourself a playlist on Spotify or apple music and pop all your favourite songs in there. I have a hilarious mix of music for my housework that’s old songs from the 90s (showing my age now) that take me back to dancing on tables in clubs and it always brings a smile to my face.

  • Take a relaxing bath (using Salt & Oil soak and scrub of course)! With Natural Epsom salt (full of magnesium to help relax muscles and mind), these are an easy way to get some ‘me’ time when I lock the bathroom door and light a candle and settle in with a good book. Use in the shower (maybe without the book!) if you’re short on time. There’s a double good feel factor with Salt & Oil – they donate 2% of online sales to their charity of the month!

relax in warm bath with Salt & Oil nz-made bath salts and soaks and body scrub with Epsom salt

  • And last but not least, set yourself up with a Little&Luxe subscription box. Okay a little bit cheeky we know, but we love treating women with our monthly boxes, something edible, practical/fun, beauty, personal and home related every month based on a changing theme. Register your preferences and your box is curated for you. A gift to yourself, the ultimate self-care option!

little & luxe subscription gift box with foot soak, earrings and treats

Bonus Tip: If you find treating yourself hard, why not try RAOK. Nope I’m not speaking gibberish, ROAK is Random Acts of Kindness. This can be as simple as paying someone a compliment, wheeling in a neighbour's bin for them, writing a positive comment on a blog (like this one!), sending someone a handwritten note, donating some used towels or blankets to the RSPCA or local animal shelters, giving away outgrown clothes or toys on a local Facebook page or even baking someone a cake!

I hoped you’ve enjoyed these quick ideas – and let us know in the comments what you do to treat yourself.

Mel x

PS - Do you receive the Salt & Oil Weekly Soak emails yet? When you sign up, we have a treat for you in your welcome email.


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