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Meditative bathing - wash away negative energy!

I know that relaxing in a warm bath filled with natural salts and essential oils is good for my body and soul. It’s a physical and mental time out. Space. From work. From family. From the world’s troubles. I’m a fire sign, but there is something about water that is just so soothing and that makes me feel better.

even fire signs can enjoy a relaxing warm water bath

Someone mentioned to me recently that one of the benefits of taking a salt bath is the release of bad energy that occurs. A cleansing of the physical and spiritual grime. Can a bath really help you reduce negativity? Cleanse your thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as your body?

Water is a purifying force in the Ayurveda and bathing is associated with cleansing not only the body but also the mind and the soul. It’s why millions of Hindus from all parts of India take a dip in the River Ganges during the holy days of the Kumbha Mela.

bathing in the river ganges

We all know how to take a bath (though we did post some luxury bath tips here too) but why not try taking it next level? There is nothing to lose by giving it a go!

* Make sure you’ve set aside at least half an hour that will be interruption-free.

* Run your bath warm rather than hot (you don’t want to sweat in the water, you want to be able to absorb the goodness of the magnesium and other minerals in your SO soak).

* Add your SO soak to the running water in the last few minutes so it has time to dissolve. But save a little bit for later in the bath.**

relax in a Salt & Oil uplifting bath with epsom salt and pink salt NZ

Any of our soaks are a good match for this almost meditative session, but you might like to consider SO:Relaxing as it contains lavender which is known to aid relaxation, and bergamot which encourages optimism and self-confidence. Or SO:Uplifting with bergamot and clary sage to reduce anxiety and induce calmness and good vibes.

pour a relaxing bath with Salt & Oil and enjoy it as a body scrub too

** Pour a handful of SO into your palm and massage it into your body. Alternate between gentle and vigorous to feel the different sensations and get your circulation going. This also exfoliates your skin.


That’s the physical aspect of your bath. Now to get proactive about the mindful side of things:

Leave your worries at the bathroom door. Use positive self-talk. You can do this silently if you’re concerned your housemates or family might think you’ve gone mad!

Use positive affirmations. For example ‘I am washing away any negative emotions and making room for positivity.’ Or ‘I am relaxed and happy.’

You could even listen to a guided meditation. Insight Timer has some nice free ones. Though it’s a good idea to keep your device out of arm’s reach so you’re not tempted to go scrolling … And be careful – I’ve been known to nod off listening to these. Not ideal when you’re in the bath!

Pay attention to your breath. Close your eyes if you like. Focus on deep breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel relaxed and peaceful. And know that you can take this mental and physical feeling with you.

And there you have it. Cheaper than therapy. And with a dose of magnesium if you add your Salt & Oil. Known as the rest and relaxation mineral for your mind and body, it's great for reducing feelings of anxiety and improving mood.

You know what might also improve your mood? If you win some Salt & Oil! Join our email community and you're automatically in our monthly #RandomActofRelaxation draw to win a pouch for you and one for a friend. Lots of positive vibes to be had!

win bath soak and shower body scrub with salt & oil giveaway


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