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5 Ways to Use Magnesium Oil

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Why did you start using magnesium oil?

Was it because you heard it can help you sleep better? Improve your mood? Soothe sore muscles after the gym?

It’s recommended to top up your magnesium levels daily, because magnesium is an essential mineral (meaning we don’t make it ourselves, we have to introduce it to our body somehow), but we get through lots of it daily, so it needs to be replaced.

What uses up our magnesium supply?

Exercise, stress, caffeine, alcohol, sugary and refined foods, and just generally the fact that it helps with over 300 functions in our body.

coffee, chocolate, wine and exercise all use up your magnesium levels. get more magnesium with mag oil spray, Salt & Oil NZ

Magnesium oil is applied topically, ie you apply it to your skin.

Here are 5 ways you can apply your magnesium oil:

1- Rub it into your feet daily. Just before bed is a good time as this becomes part of your bedtime routine, acting as a physical reminder to your brain that it’s nearly time to sleep. This is also a great area to apply it to if you get the ‘magnesium tingle’ because the skin on your feet doesn’t seem to experience this sensation.

2- Apply it to areas of your body that need a little extra attention. For example your shoulder that’s a bit niggly after you tried to keep up with the kids on the monkey bars at the playground. Or your knee that really didn’t enjoy that last set of squats your PT made you suffer through. If you’re experiencing sluggish digestion, or PMS cramps, try massaging it into your abdomen.

using magnesium oil spray in your massage helps to ease muscle tension

3- Use it for a full-on massage. Magnesium oil is a holistic body tonic that is great for relief of stress and tension, so why not use it all over? I know when I'm tense I feel it in my back, shoulders AND neck. If you’re lucky enough to go for a massage, take your mag oil with you (some massage therapists have their own) and ask for it to be used along with the wax or balm.

4- You can add magnesium oil to your bath or foot soak. Probably most effective in your foot spa (or big bowl of hot water) as the mag oil won’t be as diluted as in a bath. You want the most bang for your buck! Pour a couple of tablespoons of mag oil into the warm (not overly hot) water and soak your feet for 15 minutes. Remember to keep a towel next to you. Believe me, the tension comes back again if you have to tiptoe to the bathroom trying not to get the carpet soggy.

5- Spray it on your armpits! Why your armpits? Well, magnesium is effective as a natural deodorant too!

use Salt & Oil magnesium oil spray as an effective natural deodorant

If you’re looking to move away from deodorants that contain aluminium, but the natural ones that feature baking soda are a little abrasive on your skin, you could give magnesium oil a go.

Warning: If you spray it on freshly-shaved armpits, it’s going to sting!*

* If the magnesium oil stings even without shaving, you can dilute it further with witch hazel.

Fairly gross fact – low magnesium levels in your body cause slower emptying of your bowel, which can have an effect on body odour.

Less gross fact – magnesium oil isn’t actually oil, so it’s not going to stain your clothes. It’s simply magnesium chloride flakes and distilled water.

How much Magnesium Oil to use

6 sprays for each area of the body is a basic guide. For example, 3 sprays per armpit, or 3 sprays per foot, or 6 sprays for each leg. Though we are all different. Start low and build up. Choose a different area each day (rather than all at once) and see where works best for you. Once your skin stops absorbing it in a certain area, you’ve applied enough! 6 sprays offers about 100mg of elemental magnesium to your skin. (This is about a third of the RDA for women, and a quarter for men).

Do get into the habit of applying your mag oil daily, to increase your magnesium and maintain optimal levels. Once you’re in the habit, see if you notice any difference in, for example, your energy levels, sleeping habits, mood, digestion, recovery time after exercise. We’d love to know!


PS - the images in this blog are stock images from Wix. The main image used of the magnesium oils is by Mala Photography, taken at an event by Soul Sister Events.


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