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Bath Soaks and Magnesium Oil Sprays Aren't Just for Women

Getting Men on Board (or in the bath) with the powers of Transdermal Magnesium.

This is a blog for anyone, but mainly for the men out there. But, given that more than 90% of our customers and followers are women, we might be relying on you to make sure the men in your life see this. A quick ‘forward’ might do the trick.

This week alone, I’ve had three women tell me their husband’s 'salty' comments on their Salt & Oil soaks and mag sprays. I’m paraphrasing here, but they were basically:

“I can’t believe you put that woo woo stuff on every night.”

“What good does that even do?’

“Why do you keep telling me to use this smelly stuff?”

And one man who told me:

“I know my wife uses your products a lot, but I’m not sure why.”


Gentlemen, don’t dismiss transdermal magnesium as a women only thing. These products aren't just for girly spa days. They’re game-changers for anyone with muscles. Anyone with a need for better sleep. Anyone whose job is stressful. Anyone who plays a sport and would like to have a physical edge. In other words, they’re for you.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the benefits you might get from adding transdermal (taken via your skin) magnesium to your daily routine.


You know how after a tough workout, your muscles feel like they’ve been through a blender? That’s where transdermal magnesium steps in like it's your own personal masseuse. It can help ease aches and niggles naturally, without painkillers. It’ll help your muscles recover faster so you can get back to training quicker. Relaxed muscles are less prone to injury too. Don’t put off leg day (again!), just make sure you have a magnesium bath afterwards, or spray mag oil directly on the affected muscles. Read these blogs for more info if you’re a golfer, swimmer or rugby player (though they’re pretty much applicable to any activity).


so active magnesium bath soak to soothe sore muscles after gym and sport


We all need it, and probably want more of it, but sometimes it feels as elusive as finding a clean pair of socks. All you have to do is apply a few sprays of magnesium oil before bed to switch your mind and body to relaxation mode. It’s not night-time voodoo; it’s backed by science. Not only does magnesium relax your muscles, it’s a key player in the production of melatonin – the hormone that regulates your sleep.

how to get better sleep with epsom salt bath and magnesium oil spray



After a day of battle or intense training, Roman soldiers would visit bath houses to relax, soothe their muscles and recover. Our minds and bodies are just as battle-weary these days, even if it’s gym ropes, a grumpy boss, and crying toddlers you’re battling, rather than a sword-wielding enemy. Sitting on the couch with a beer isn’t the best recovery method. You can still watch your favourite programme to chill out, just do it while absorbing a bunch of magnesium through your skin in a warm bath.



You probably don’t have time for frills and fluff. Magnesium products are straightforward and effective. It’s honestly not woo-woo, just pure, hard-hitting relaxation and relief. Your mind and body will thank you, and so will your significant other – you’ll be a nicer person to be around when you’re not grumbling about sore muscles, or tossing and turning at night with cramps or restless legs!



For speed’s sake, a quick reminder that magnesium also plays a crucial role in your energy production, bone and heart health, skin health, and even testosterone production. So using magnesium isn’t just about feeling good - it’s about keeping your body in top form. It’s like giving your car premium fuel instead of regular. But a lot more affordable.

take magnesium oil spray to gym for sore muscles


Will you give it a try? You might just find yourself becoming a magnesium magic convert.

Oh, re the ‘smelly stuff’ comment – if you're not a fan of scents, you’ll get the same benefits from our unscented products. Though if you do like the good old muscle rub aroma, you’ll probably enjoy the SO:Active soak that we developed for a NZ rugby team.


If you’re not sure about trying transdermal magnesium due to lack of time and the inconvenience of using yet another product -

Fake news!

All you need is:

20 minutes for a warm, soothing bath (multitask by reading a book or scrolling X)

10 minutes for a relaxing foot soak (catch up on your favourite Netflix show)

20 seconds to soothe muscles by massaging magnesium oil into your skin (best done just before bed)

Trust me, adding these to your day isn't a waste of time – the more well-rested you are, and the better you sleep after your bath/foot soak/mag oil massage, the more ‘with it’ you’ll be the next day, and you’ll get more done with your time, with better focus and more energy.



If you’ve already got transdermal magnesium in the house, by all means use that up first, you don’t have to buy ours. But DON’T pinch your partner’s stash – that’s asking for trouble!

If you’d like to try some Salt & Oil magnesium, use code BENEFITS  to get 20% off all single items in your order (multi-buy and gift sets not included).

Hit one of the share buttons below if you know someone who could benefit from some more magnesium.

Dionne x

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