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Epsom Salt Baths Help Rugby Players Tackle Sore Muscles

Epsom salt baths are a rucking good solution for muscle relief; a truly maul-velous way for you to soak in the mind and body-soothing benefits of magnesium.

I promise that's the last of the terrible rugby-related jokes. Oh wait, one more - let's find out why Epsom salt provides you with such scrum-tious relaxation:

Epsom salt for Muscle relaxation

A warm bath is the best unwinder when your body feels like it's been through a meat grinder!

After a grueling match or training session, your muscles are probably screaming for mercy. Time for Epsom salt to work its magic. It’s rich in magnesium, a mineral essential for muscle function. Magnesium helps your muscles relax, and eases tension, making it a perfect way to deal with with post-match soreness. Magnesium is also known to reduce inflammation and promote the elimination of waste products like lactic acid. This means less muscle soreness, meaning you can get back into training quicker, and enjoy a good performance in the next match.

NZ relax in an epsom salt bath to recover after All Blacks rugby match

Epsom salt for Flexibility

As magnesium helps to ease muscle tension, your muscles will become more flexible. In this state, they’re more pliable and less likely to become injured during play. You’ll soon be twisting nimbly out of the way of the opposition, and tackling with ease and style, instead of crashing to the ground like a tower of Jenga blocks!

epsom salt baths are the key to post game muscle recovery for rugby players

Epsom salt for Stress Squashing

Rugby is pretty intense. Stress can pile up faster than the heap of grass-stained jerseys at the end of the match. Imagine it’s you taking the crucial kick in the dying seconds to win the game ... Nerve-wracking stuff.

Did you know that Epsom salt baths are your stress-busting sidekick?

Magnesium (Epsom salt is another name for magnesium sulphate) plays a role in regulating your nervous system. Lower stress levels can lead to better focus and performance during high-pressure moments on the field. So relaxing in the bath in the days leading up to the big match is a good addition to your pre-covery routine.

Epsom salt for Sprint Soothing

All those intense bursts of speed can leave your legs feeling like jelly. An Epsom salt bath can boost circulation, sending oxygen to your tired limbs and helping you recover faster. You’ll be bouncing back like a wallaby on a pogo stick! NB – definitely not a hint that we support Australian rugby!

Epsom salt for Sleep enhancing

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your physical and mental recovery. But when your muscles ache and you’re mentally replaying parts of the match, sleep can be pretty elusive. An Epsom salt bath can improve sleep quality by helping your body wind down, calming brain chatter, and reducing stress - thanks to the magnesium, and the general relaxing feel-good factor of soaking in soothing, warm water.

Salt & Oil NZ sleep tips for better sleep, sleep drops

At the end of the day:

It’s tough being a rugby player. To succeed you have to train and play longer and harder. Now make sure you recover smarter. Give yourself and your team mates the edge on the opposition by using Epsom salt baths as your secret weapon.

They’ll relax your muscles, increase your flexibility, reduce your stress levels and help you get the restful sleep you need to perform at your best and soak up success. (Spot the extra bath -related wordplay there? As smooth as a perfectly executed drop goal!)

SO Active recovery bath soak used by NZ Rugby All Blacks, Black Ferns in rugby world cup

Did you know that top New Zealand rugby players are supplied with our SO:Active bath soaks? These contain Natural Epsom salt and Sodium Bicarbonate which helps to neutralize lactic acid, as well as a blend of essential oils that are known to aid muscle and mind relaxation. If you’d like to try some for yourself, use code ACTIVE to get 25% off SO:Active pouches. If you’d like to grab some in bulk for your team or club, please email us and we’ll sort you out with a special price.

Fancy joining us to receive The Weekly Soak - aka our email updates? There's a welcome offer for you in your first email, and you'll be added to our monthly draw to win a bath soak for you and one for a friend as our Random Act of Relaxation.


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