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Who would benefit from a selection of bath soaks this Christmas? And why?

Updated: Mar 19

I know, I know, bath soaks sound so old-fashioned! I confess it conjures up images of my gran in the 1980s - Sunday bath night with some of the bright pink chemical rose-scented salts that we’d got her for Christmas from Woolies (I guess the NZ equivalent is the Warehouse) with what was left of our pocket money.

I’m not sure they brought her many benefits to be honest. Other than adding a sickly-sweet aroma to the avocado-coloured bathroom.

Things are different now. We understand more about how Epsom salt benefits us, physically and mentally, and we know that a few sprinkles with some pretty petals, chemical scents and glitter isn’t going to do us any good.

relaxing epsom salt magnesium bath soak made in new zealand great for a gift

We need to be adding at least a cup of Epsom salt to the water to get the benefit of the magnesium and sulphates. Benefits like relaxing tired, sore muscles, reducing inflammation, and supporting healthy sleep. (Which is partly why we don’t want to bump our prices up by adding faffy things like dried flowers, no matter how pretty they look).

So who is most likely to benefit from the soothing powers of a magnesium bath?

Parents: Mums, dads and caregivers who often put others' needs before their own, might appreciate the opportunity to indulge in a little self-care that doesn’t take up too much time.

Friends in Need of Pampering: If you have friends who love spa-like experiences or frequently mention sore feet, Epsom salt foot soaks are a nice way to show you care. A home spa can be even more relaxing than heading out to the salon. Pop your bentonite clay face mask on, soak your feet in soothing Epsom salts, and there’s no-one there to judge if you’d rather do it watching Love Island than listening to whale song.

Anyone Going Through Stressful Times: People facing tricky situations or life changes can benefit from the therapeutic properties of Epsom salt. Magnesium is known to calm the nervous system and support the adrenal glands which can be affected when someone is under a lot of stress.

Busy Professionals: Those juggling demanding work schedules can benefit from a calming foot soak to unwind and de-stress after a hectic day. They might not have the time for a full on bathing experience, but if they really need to be catching up on work emails at night time, they can multi-task with their feet in a tub of warm magnesium-filled water. That’ll help them have a better sleep and they’ll be more alert and focused and able to achieve more at work the next day. Win-win!

Health Enthusiasts: Individuals who prioritise health and wellness may appreciate the natural benefits of Epsom salt, such as its potential to promote relaxation and soothe muscles. Did you know this includes the muscles of your digestive system, helping to keep your intestines moving well? Epsom salt is used around the world as a laxative!

Fitness Enthusiasts: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can use Epsom salt baths as a recovery tool to soothe tired muscles after workouts, and enable them to get back to training faster, with less chance of injuring their muscles. Our first ever blend – SO:Active was actually created for New Zealand elite rugby players to help them with their recovery.

Teachers: Educators, who often spend long hours on their feet, will welcome the chance to pamper themselves during the summer holidays. A warm soak on a hot day might sound counter-intuitive, but magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties. And a warm bath or foot soak in the evening is great preparation for a good sleep – as your body temperature cools down after your bath, your brain notices this and associates the temperature change with being time to sleep.

And last but not least, back to where we started:

Elderly Relatives: Older family members who may experience aches and pains can find comfort in a gentle foot soak, making it a considerate and practical gift.

If you know any of the above, don’t worry about looking old-fashioned – treat them to the self-care gift they never knew they needed. Epsom salts aren’t just for pampering; they’re about promoting health and relaxation. They’re a versatile present that suits colleagues, friends, family members, and even those hard-to-shop-for individuals on your Christmas list. They’re more than just another material item - they’re a relaxation experience that can be enjoyed whenever the need arises.

And it won't just be the giftee that you're helping - if you purchase from Salt & Oil, you’ll be helping our charity of the month which, during November and December is the Salvation Army NZ’s Christmas Appeal. Plus you’ll be helping our small family-run business to stay in business, as you walk the talk of buying local and NZ-made.

Need any further encouragement? What about 20% off all individual items? Use code BENEFITS and your bank balance will benefit too!

This is a one-time per customer code and is for single items only, not multi-buys or gift sets.

One last thing: Would you like to join us and receive The Weekly Soak - aka our email updates? There's a welcome offer for you in your first email, and you'll be added to our monthly draw to win a bath soak for you and one for a friend as our Random Act of Relaxation.


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