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No Socks For Father's Day!

Actually, we do get through lots of socks in this household - Baxter the labradoodle is a big fan of socks. Normally just one from the pair though. So socks as gifts are usually quite welcomed!

don't give socks for Fathers Day NZ, gift magnesium oil and natural bath soaks to Dad this year.

But this year we have another idea for you. We're biased, of course, but here are six reasons why our 'Recover Like An Elite Athlete' set could be your gift of choice for Dad this year:

1 - Is Dad still feeling that Olympic vibe? Kiwis were killing it over in Tokyo, and lots of us back here were amped, thinking we could do just as well with a bit of training! This gift could give him the motivation to dust off the old bike and get out and active! One of the bath soaks is called SO:Active – the power of positive words!

recover like an elite athlete gift set for fathers day NZ bath soaks magnesium oil spray

2 - If he has already upped his activity levels, his body will be feeling it. Cramps, lactic acid build up, and discovering those long-lost muscles. You know those ones that make it impossible to sit down on the toilet for a couple of days without grimacing?! Well the magnesium in the bath soaks and the mag oil spray does wonders for relaxing muscles and getting rid of that feeling faster. He can apply the mag oil straight onto his muscles after he’s been at the gym to help them ease off faster. Meaning he’s got no excuse to get out of doing the housework or taking the dog for a walk!

3 - Magnesium is known to help improve sleep. Not that you want to hear more of his snoring, but a well-rested Dad is a happier Dad! And we all want our Dads to be happy, right?

4 - There’s a chance that the mood-enhancing magnesium will reduce any Grumpy Old Man Syndrome he’s exhibiting. Things like someone else’s bad parking simply won’t irritate him as much as normal. Sadly, I don’t think it reduces the amount of Dad Jokes.

5 - It’s a useful gift. Not something that goes on the shelf, collects dust for a few years then heads to the op shop. If he hasn't got a bath, the salts make great foot soaks - relax on the couch with a beer and his feet in a tub of warm water while watching the rugby. As long as he doesn't get too excited when the All Blacks score!

6 - And of course, the classic reason for buying gifts – you can pinch it to use yourself!


If you're buying this in August (it's best to - Father's Day is September 5th), remember that all orders over $50 receive a Free product from our New Unscented range. So pop one other item in your cart and you can grab the free treat for yourself!

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